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Announcement - Trackers Books

Announcement - Trackers Books
Please Note Below includes several draft illustrations from Trackers Earth's latest project.
Howdy Trackers families! I’m Michelle McCann, a new member of the Trackers team.

Here’s a little bit about me: I’m a children’s book writer and editor. I’ve been making children’s books for over 20 years—hundreds of books for a variety of publishers. I also live in Portland, and my kids have been going to Trackers for Read More

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No Roam to Play

A fantastic conversation has begun. Communities are discussing how our kids play and how that influences the adults they become. A recent article in The Atlantic captured the feelings of many parents. It’s a…

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April 1st Announcements

On this day April 1, 2014 we’re excited to announce a new series of camps and programs that will fundamentally change the way you think of Trackers. All this, plus another announcement that will actually fundamentally change the way you think of Trackers.

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Happy Holidays: Quiet and Light

I have a holiday story, but it may not seem like one, so bear with me... One day during a great cold snow I was walking in the woods beyond my backyard. We live just before the Cascadia mountain known as Hood, out on the edge of the Bull Run wilderness, where the short days of winter often cast an icy and wonderful silence through the…

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