Molly milks the new goats for the first time

Making Artisan Goat Cheese at the Cabin

artisan cheesesWith Chris Musser of Lost Arts Kitchen, journey to the Trackers Homestead in Sandy, Oregon to tend to and milk our dairy goats. Then learn to make a variety of artisan goat cheeses ending the day by using use them in creating sumptuous gourmet meal.

We'll start off in the morning milking the LaMancha and Alpine goats at the Trackers Homestead. Once the milking is done, Chris shows us how to practice white magic at home, using goat's milk to make chevre, ricotta, feta, and cajeta.

Making these and other dairy products at home takes very little time and offers superb results. Fair warning: once you've tasted the real deal, it'll be hard to go back to store-bought.

With our finished products, we prepare Ricotta Pie with Marinated Artichokes, Spinach Salad with Home-Cured Bacon, Figs, and Feta, and Apple and Cajeta Crisp, sitting down together for an extraordinary meal.

Making Artisan Goat Cheese at the Cabin

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Ages Adult $135
September 27, 2009 8:30am-6:30pm
Trackers Homestead Map It

Ages Adult Making Artisan Goat Cheese at the Cabin includes

• Small farm animal husbandry
• Proper milking technique
• Artisan cheese making: chevre, ricotta, feta and cajeta
• Dairy in the home kitchen
• Time spend at the incredible Trackers Homestead in Sandy, Oregon
• Dairy in the home kitchen: milks, cultures, rennet, equipment
• Making pie crust with lard
• Overview of rendering lard
• Overview of curing bacon
Homemade lunch included

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