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Please read the CONFIRMATION & REFUND policy in the sidebar, along with the participant boundaries below. Check to see if you have ALL the classes you want and correct amount of attendees.

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Important information for you to read...

Confirmation for your class

All applicants will receive a Confirmation letter or email within two weeks of Trackers Earth receipt of your completed registration form. If your workshop contains an overnight component a packing list will be sent with confirmation. Important: Please do not consider enrollment in a workshop official until you have received confirmation from Trackers Earth. Please check your bulk mail folder to see if it has been redirected to there.

Refund Policy

• Local workshop registration is held to a 25% cancellation fee.
• If you cancel 30 days prior to program start, the total fee is refundable (minus 25% cancellation fee)
• If you cancel 14-30 days prior to program start, 50% of the program fee will be refunded.
• Cancellations made less than 14 days from program start date cannot be refunded.
• Registrations and fees are non-transferable.

Keeping everyone healthy

Trackers Earth reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. We strive to meet the needs of all participants, building a healthy working, learning and creative environment for all involved, both staff and client. Very rarely, and almost never, this requires the dismissal of a youth or adult participant. If this occurs prior to the program we evaluate the circumstance. There will be no refunds if dismissal occurs during the program. We take the responsibility for the health of every team member seriously and set our standards high, addressing challenges as it affects the emotional and physical well being of the group and program team, other paying clients continuing to derive value from the program and the emotional well being of our staff. Grounds for evaluation and possibly dismissal includes but is not limited to: dangerous activities, emotional distress beyond the scope of our instructors, racist, sexist and otherwise bigoted behavior, accusatory and aggressive unsolicited advise, expectations that participants or staff conform to another person's aggressively specific moral values and overwhelming, unspoken or indirect verbal, written or physically aggressive behavior. This is at the discretion of the instructor staff. We definitely appreciate well thought out and well versed feedback, both positive and negative, about how we can better meet each others needs in a functional way. We do not support censorship by any means.

Privacy Policy

We value your confidentialiy and privacy. Read our Privacy Policy.

Program Benchmarks

Program benchmarks are set as goals only. These are subject to change based on our team collaboration with participants, including youth. They are also subject to change for other circumstantial issues, including but not limited to weather, cancellation of contractors and other options arise that instructors believe are more thematically appropriate. We are an outdoor program. Many of our activities are strenuous. We are not responsible for you or your child's ability to participate for any activity for any program due to physical or emotional limits.

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