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Make Your Rangers Cloak: Sewing Class

Flow is the Way of the Ranger. They follow the trail of the cougar, deer and other animals. With finely honed senses they become the eyes and ears of the village, living completely with the land and tending to it as if an invisible ghost.

Learn to sew and take home your own Rangers Cloak in this program which is a collaboration between our Rangers Guild and Artisans Guild.

The Rangers Cloak is the functional and fashionable style of the Trackers Rangers.

The Cloak of Survival and Invisibility

Born of high quality forest green wool the Rangers cloak is designed to hang both low for warmth while sleeping around the campfire and buttoned high for woodland movement and stealth. The upper cowl is heavier for rainy winters and to keep your core warm even in the toughest weather.

The Owl Symbol

The iconic symbol of our guild weaves its way subtly through the garment. The cowl suggest a beak while shading the eyes. The Owl is embroidered, with wings spread wide in a patch for the back and on a custom made metal brooch that claspes the garment together.

Adding to the symbology of the Owl where the fourth claw is always hidden, this garment includes many interior pockets for secret gear, rations, hunting tools and even an easy way to "pitch" the cloak into a wearable tent.

Tales of Cascadia™

While we craft and sew during this winter class, we have coffee for grown-ups and mulled cider for kids. Meanwhile our families and pariticipants are regaled with stories of Rangers lore and both our Tales of Cascadia™ and Realms of Cascadia™ series.

Make Your Rangers Cloak


Two Days 9am-4pm


Trackers Scout Pit 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR Map It


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Family Registration February 16-17, 2013 Tuition $89 per family, materials sold separately

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Material Owl Metal Brooch Tuition $20

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Material Owl Embroidered Patch Tuition $10

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Material Rangers Wool Tuition $14 per yard 5 average yards for adults, 3 average yards for youth

How Much It Costs

Tuition $89 covers the entire family for instructional time. Parents are expected to assist their children in sewing.

Materials The metal brooch, Owl patch and the wool are separate expenses as a family can make however many cloaks they wish. Pricing is as follows...

Owl Metal Brooch $20
Owl Embroidered Patch $10
Rangers Forest Green Wool $14 per yard, 5 average yards for adults, 3 average yards for youth

Ages Family Make Your Rangers Cloak could include...

• Instruction with expert sewers
• A pattern of a fun and functional survival garment co-designed by experienced Ranger
• Cost effective high-quality materials
• Nerding out on Rangers Lore: Stories from Tony Deis and the Tales of Cascadia & Realms of Cascadia
• Time sewing with family and friends while drinking great coffee and tea

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