Zombie Survival Training Portland, Oregon

Join Trackers Earth for their world famous Zombie Survival Training. The hordes are upon us. It is the end of the world as you know it and with Trackers, you feel fine.

Zombie Survival, Rangers Style

Escape to the wilderness leading a rag tag band. Here the Trackers Rangers Guild teaches their own brand of outdoor survival skills. Expert instructors help hone your wits and wile in the the tactical evasion arts.

Arm yourself with weapons (foam) vital to defending your tribe. Do everything it takes to guide your lone survivors through an earth populated by 6 billion creatures ravenous for your squishy brains.

In this unique scenario based training we eventually discover a new of zombie threat has evolved. Shadow Zombies blend and flow to the darkness. Their animal instincts crave the hunt. And you are their prey.

$25 Special

February 2, 2013, 9am-6pm
We all know the end of the world is coming with December 2012. And we all know that will likely include zombies. Stay ahead of the game by training and prepping with Trackers Earth.

Part I: The Escape Arrive at the Trackers Scout Pit in SE Portland. Grab you weapons. "Borrow" one of our buses (with our instructors) and get out of Stumptown and escape to the wilderness.

Part II: The Training Arrive at our Top Secret location in Sandy, Oregon. Learn the art of zombie tracking, distinguishing tracks and sign of the undead vs the living. Train primitive survival skills and how to stay alive in the great outdoors by finding shelter, water, fire and food. Practice hand to hand combat skills that help you avoid getting bit and slay zombies as a team.

Part III: Scenario Engagement Engage in intense and fun evasion scenarios with foam swords and arrows and bows. With an experienced Trackers Ranger you evade hordes of zombies hunting you and your friends. As a warning, some participants may meet a fictional death (dramatically and in a gory fashion).

Finally we shuttle you back out to Portland where you can await the coming apocalypse form the comfort of your own home.

Your Bug Out Bag

Be ready for a message from Trackers a short time before the program starts. It will contain items essential to bust out of Portland when the day comes. We want to see how fast you can get this together. Remember, every good zombie survival kit contains a towel.

Zombie Option

A cost effective option is that you can join as a zombie for the entire day. You will not get the exact same survival training, but you get to be "turned" into a zombie by our Artisans and then have all the fun of stalking about eating people. This option requires students to show up early to get into their undead persona. This option takes place from 8am-6pm.

Zombie Survivor Ultimate: Overnight


$25 Special Apocalypse Edition February 2, 2013, 9am-6pm

$10 Zombie Option (be a zombie) February 2, 2013, 9am-6pm


Escape shuttle from Trackers Scout Pit to Camp Trackers in Sandy, Oregon
Trackers Scout Pit 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, Oregon
Camp Trackers Sandy, Oregon


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Ages Adult Apocalypose Edition February 2, 2013 Tuition $25

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Ages Adult Zombie Option February 2, 2013 Tuition $10

A bus scenario gone horribly wrong

Zombie Survival Training includes...

• Escaping the city
• Arming yourself
• Bug out bag preperation
• Zombie Tracking: distinguishing tracks and sign of the undead vs the living
• Primitive survival skills: shelter, water, fire and food
• Hand to hand combat with the undead along with slaying as team
• Archery and other weapons
• Using bird calls and alarms to detect when undead are shuffling (or running) towards you
• Natural camouflage and fashion
• Zombie rights
• Instense and fun evasion scenarios where participants are hunted by zombies

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