Zombie Survival Training: Youth Camps & Adult Programs

Where's the best place to avoid the zombie invasion? The wilds and natural areas of our fair city of course! Learn key outdoor survival skills with the experts of Trackers Earth. We cover everything from shelter, water, fire and food to camouflage secrets of local wildlife for forest stealth and guile. All this plus martial arts training for self-sufficiency and defense against zombie hordes.

Join the elite instructors of the Trackers Rangers Guild: Special Zombie Unit for awesome survival training in preparation for the zombies.

Welcome to Training CampZ. Here you will learn all the essentials you need to survive in a world fast being overrun by zombies. We offer courses for both the youth and adult of this post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland. Each course is taught by seasoned experts who have faught on the frontlines of the zombie epidemic.

Day camp focus...
Ages 7-8 Mobile day camps that immerse campers while keeping it fun
Ages 9-10 Mobile day camps that develop team skills in eve more awesome scenarios
Ages 11-13 or 14-17 Mobile camps of intense adventure and scenario based learning

Adult Programs
Ages Adults Training in all our survival skills with a critical Zombie spin

Calendar for Zombie Survival Training Classes


Ages 7-17 Zombie Survival Camp July 8-12, 2013
Ages 9-16 Zombie Film & Theatre Craft July 8-12, 2013
Ages 7-17 Zombie Survival Camp August 12-16, 2013
Ages 9-17 Zombie Film & Theatre Craft August 12-16, 2013


Ages Adult @ Zombie First Responder June 2-3, 2012
Ages Adult 2012 Apocalypose Edition Zombie Survival Training December 15, 2013
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Adults, 9-months or one Summer
For 1 to 3 weekends a month or a summer join expert instructors and peers immersed in the core studies of your choice: tracking, survival, edible plants, homesteading and more. Learn more