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Make a Longbow - Hickory & Bamboo

In this course craft your own laminate longbow from bamboo and hickory.

The Longbow

Traditional longbows are nearly as tall as the archers who wield them. Their longer draw length allows for more power and accuracy.

This class covers material selection, safe tool use, and tillering bow limbs for symmetry. Each bow has a leather wrapped handle with a fur arrow rest. You learn to build your own longbows from cost-effective materials. Longbows such as the one you make in this class often sell for $200-$400.

Participants learn to customize their finished draw weight. They can expect to create a bows rated between 25-60 pounds.

Learn to Make a Bow

This course is appropriate for beginners in bow making. It is important to remember, the goal is to create a high end finished laminate bamboo and hickory longbow. To develop a more well-rounded experience with bow making craft, we highly recommend our own Bow Making Basics course.