Full-Time: Forest School Teacher

Please make you meet our qualifications, including appropriate wilderness skills.
Also, consider our seasonal camp positions.

Forest School Teacher

Join the Trackers Forest School and work with your own class outdoors and in nature 5 days-a-week (Sept to June). We seek mentors and teachers who see the wilderness as a teacher. This position is full-time, year-round, and includes working in our summer camps. It goes beyond simply a job, it connects you to a community.


When & Where
Full-time, Year-Round, and includes summer camps.
We are accepting applications for 2020-2021.
We welcome applicants from all areas and regions (everywhere).

Teacher and mentor to a class of children or teens in our full-time Forest School.
Hiring for Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School.

Experience & Skills
Individuals interested in and qualified for a full-time teaching position.
Experience in education and long-term mentoring essential.
Forest craft, primitive skills, and outdoor skills greatly preferred.

$35,600 - $38,720 yearly depending on qualifications (i.e. WFR, CDL). Excellent medical benefits package.

About Trackers Forest School

After over a decade of providing experiential education through mentoring programs, homeschool enrichment, after school, and camps, the Trackers Forest School continues our mission as we cultivate the next generation of naturalists and leaders.

The Forest is our classroom

We are a school of community and nature. Students learn with each other and their mentors. The forest is our classroom. Kids go outside every day. School becomes an adventure, blending academics with hands-on learning. Our curriculum centers around observation and participation with nature.

We prepare students to live in both the human world and the more-than-human one. They become lifelong practitioners of Forest Craft with a deep affinity for natural history, outdoor and primitive skills, folk art, and animal tracking.

School Structure

Our programs deftly balance structure and unstructured learning. We design curriculum thoughtfully to deliver on our promises to parents and students. Academics are woven through everything we do. Your work brings mathematics, literacy, social studies, science, the arts and history into the forest, using a project-based, experiential methodology.

Your Schedule

The following is a likely schedule for this position. Yet since Trackers Earth is a dynamic organization, always expect the unexpected.

The School Year:

This is where you put in the most time. Our team of full-time curriculum developers helps you learn the ropes.

  • Work with our core staff to develop an ongoing curriculum for your class of Forest School students.
  • With parents, develop essential community connections and create a thoughtful, collaborative relationship for mentoring.
  • You build upon your own skill sets, especially in the realm of Forest Craft.
  • You pitch in with other programs or community events as needed when your schedule allows.
  • Contribute to developing internal and external learning resources for students.
  • Perform community outreach for the future longevity of the program through open houses and other events.

Summer and school breaks:

  • You work on a camp team for a set group of weeks out of the year. Typically the beginning and end of summer will allow for planning for the following year.
You take direct feedback from core members of Trackers Earth's leadership team, our Regional Director, staff with long-time experience in our curriculum, and all participants.

Experience & Skills

Real world experience and competency prove more important than certifications and degrees. We look for a very strong background in a relevant educational setting with wilderness skills (preferably both).

  • At least 3 years of outdoor education experience and training.
  • At least 2 years teaching experience in an outdoor classroom or indoor classroom.
  • Possess an excellent driving record and the willingness to get your Commercial Drivers License.

The list of useful skills encompasses teaching, bushcraft, wilderness survival, primitive skills, and nature awareness. Other skills could include but not be limited to the following:

  • Educational experience thoughtfully managing groups of children out of doors.
  • Competent risk management skill-sets for diverse outdoor educational settings and beyond.
  • Natural history and ecology knowledge.
  • Experience with primitive, bushcraft and wilderness survival skills.
  • Comfort in all weather conditions. Ability to scale all-weather training to develop more rugged capacity in all students.
  • Respectful and almost obsessive care for tools and equipment.
  • Exemplary communication skills with students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Curriculum and lesson plan development experience for interdisciplinary learning environments.
  • Stellar attention to detail and administrative skills as an organizational Jedi.
  • Exceptional reliability, and punctuality: You will be the clock by which all others on our team are set.
  • Comfort using various technological communications to collaborate with local and cross-regional colleagues including methods such as phone, email, Google Apps, carrier pigeon, etc.
  • Ability to continuously stand, hike backcountry terrain on and off-trail, bend, squat, climb stairs/hills, lift up to 50 lbs
  • Pre-employment checks: criminal background, reference, requirements in MVR Policy, Alcohol/Drug Test for drivers

Required Certifications The following are required before starting the position.

  • CPR/First Aid certified (or ability to complete before position begins)

  • Anaphylaxis & Epinephrine Auto-Injector certified - Online Course here
  • Food handlers certified (or ability to complete before position begins)
State fishing license (if working with programs that fish)

Optional Certifications The following can increase pay from the base of $35,600 yearly with a cap $38,720.

  • Wilderness First Responder, EMT or Nurse
  • Class B CDL with a Passenger Endorsement
  • Tracking Certification (CyberTracker or Equivalent)

Final Words

This is by far not the perfect description of this job. In fact, your role will be far more nuanced and in-depth. You’re getting more than a job. You’re creating a healthy and thoughtful livelihood with an excellent community of people. If you get what we mean by this, you may well be a good fit.

Apply Below
If you feel you need more experience, we also have seasonal camp positions.

Forest School Online Application

This application is the first step. Please give thought to your responses.

We are currently full for the 2018-2019 school year, but we are accepting applications for 2019-2020.

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