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Forest School Teacher Training

Sept - May (3 days a week)


Sept - May (3 days a week)

One of the most intensive Forest School Teacher Training courses available.

At A Glance

When: Tues, Wed, Thurs with extended overnight weeks (September - May, 33 weeks total)

Visits: To schedule a class visit or to attend our info nights - Contact Us.

Tuition & Financial Aid: A $145 deposit, with 10-monthly payments of $665.

We offer a variety of scholarships and discounts, including at 10% automatic discount for Veterans or a scholarship for our Outdoor Educator Internship. For scholarships, Contact Us for information.

Our community works to keep tuition more affordable for this comprehensive training program because we believe in developing more educators who connect youth and adults to the natural world.  We highly encourage prospective students to thoroughly research other 9-month (3-days a week) Wilderness Skills Programs and compare out tuition directly to theirs.

Location: Trackers Earth's many forest campuses near Portland, Oregon.

Housing: Limited local and on-site housing is available (separate from tuition)

In this 9 month, comprehensive program, gain the core skills and essential principles for Forest School education and operations. Study curriculum development for interdisciplinary environments to blend academics with hands-on, outdoor learning. Reconnect with nature while developing your own capacity in wilderness skills, forest craft, and ecological awareness. Become an ambassador for a culture that needs to exist.

Ecology of Education

Ecology of Education

As a Forest School Teacher, learn to develop educational curriculum with an ecological perspective.

Through the diversity of the natural world, the wilderness itself becomes an important teacher for your students.

Ecology of Education - Field Experience

Child Development

Our program focuses on all levels of development and learning. From early childhood to adolescence, we need Forest Schools and their teachers to serve all ages in education.

Ecology of Education

Cultivate your ability to craft interdisciplinary learning environments that blend academics with hands-on, outdoor learning. Understand core educational standards and how to potentially exceed them by leveraging the benefits of Forest School.

Field Practicum & Experience

Get hands-on experience observing real Forest School classes and outdoor education courses. Apprentice with leading Trackers Earth teachers while learning to develop and implement your own curriculum.

Forest School Strategies

Experience and identify the nearly limitless learning strategies possible through the natural classroom. From nature play to harvesting through seasonal rounds, from classical naturalist studies to the profound depth of animal tracking and ecological mapping, Forest School education provides countless opportunities for both teacher and students.

Forest Craft: Live What You Teach

Forest Craft is our foundation for connection to the natural world.

In this program, you experience the wilderness as a class community and village: foraging, gathering, and wildcrafting.

Your 9 months-of-study and preparation culminate in a 1 week Wilderness Survival Trek graduation.

Forest Craft

Forest Craft: Live What You Teach – Wilderness Skills

Gathering, Foraging & Fishing

Forage for roots, leaves, fruits, and shoots. Learn skills of identification and safe harvest of wild foods. Fish and forage the rivers, lakes and coastlines for aquatic life. Preserve what you gather for your larder and pantry.

Wilderness Survival & Forest Craft

Find shelter, water, fire, and food. Craft with stone, bone, and fiber. Navigate and stay safe in the wilderness. Develop essential safety skills for long-range wilderness travel.


Your class joins a shared farm plot at our 90-acre campus in Sandy, Oregon. Learn to preserve the bounty and harvest of the land.

Primitive Kit

Make the gear you take. Weave baskets, craft fire makers, and create stone tools. Forge your knife through blacksmithing. Use what you make in a 1 week Wilderness Survival Trek in the spring.

Natural History & Ecology

Learn to read the stories of the forest. Track herds of elk and the trail of the bobcat. Fit these pieces together towards a deeper understanding of ecology and personal connection to nature.

Archery + Bow Making

Develop functional field technique for using the bow in a wilderness setting. Improve form and accuracy. Handcraft your own wood bow and stone-point arrows.

Guiding and Operations

Guiding and Operations

Unique to this program is an overview of essential organizational, operational, and professional skills. We help you to explore the market for both employment and entrepreneurial development within the fields outdoor education and Forest Schools. Begin to understand everything from simple budgets to new business plans.

Guiding and Operations – Leadership Skills

Outdoor & Organizational Leadership

Develop your capacity and experience for leadership on all organizational levels. Learn essential practices, from guiding groups in the field to managing large and small organizations.

Livelihood & Business Planning

Strategically chart your course for a sustainable and ethical livelihood as a Forest School Teacher. Learn how to write a business plan for organizational development.

Outdoor Safety & Operations

Receive your Wilderness First Responder Certification. Keep yourself and your students safe in the outdoors. Learn to manage the day to day operations of program gear and logistics.

Trackers Outdoor Education

Trackers Earth is one of the leading providers of Forest School and Outdoor Education. Offering both youth and adult programs, we serve over 20,000 students per year in our educational camps, school, and skills courses. The Trackers Forest School is one of the few Forest Schools encompassing Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School. We train and work with a staff of over 300 outdoor educators on an ongoing basis. Our teachers bring this history and depth of experience in the real world of outdoor learning to your education.

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