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Trackers Forest School: Grade 1

First grade students are at the beginning of incredible new skills and capabilities. Like kindergarteners, they still benefit from a lot of hands-on activity and concrete experiences. However, they are also beginning to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. Our outdoor curriculum builds upon this enthusiasm by providing an environment that is endlessly rich in every kind of information and experience.

By the end of the first grade year, most students possess:

  • A deepening knowledge of local plants and their practical uses
  • Ability to identify less common mammal tracks in the Portland area
  • Ability to identify common local birds by sight and sound
  • The ability to work independently on a project for longer periods of time, and plan longer-term or more complicated projects
  • Increasing ability to write and read words phonetically, as well as ability to write and read common sight words
  • Ability to read simple books with relative fluency
  • Write simple sentences with correct punctuation and spacing
  • Growing ability to complete 2-digit addition and subtraction problems with ease
  • Tell time (sun and clock) to 1, ½, and ¼ hour increments

Program Information

Current Grades


1 lead teacher to 6 students
Accepting 12 students for Fall 2017

Grade 1

1 lead teacher to 7 students
Limited space available

 Grade 6-7

1 lead teacher to 10 students
Accepting 10 students for Fall 2017

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