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Trackers Earth Forest School: High School

Students in high school are discovering and honing their connection to the community and wider world. They learn most effectively by using all their senses and immersing themselves in their work. They are most successful while developing and researching interdisciplinary study projects. Students learn to healthfully test their capacities and develop their own autonomy as a lifelong learner.

Forest School Open House

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Meet our teachers and directors. Learn how Trackers Earth's nature-first approach to education cultivates life-long learning, resiliency, and in-depth academic study. 


High School Curriculum

Students are challenged through inter-disciplinary, project-based learning. Without the rigidity of a classroom, students are allowed to take supported risks in their learning, and stretch beyond the initial subject matter. Tracking animals in their actual habitat, studying their scat, movements, and dens brings Earth Sciences to life. Exploring local natural history can teach us everything from pottery and energy transference through fire, to sociology and evolutionary biology. With this holistic approach to education, students take ownership over their learning and are an invested community member. Below are examples of our how our daily and weekly schedules might look.

Our ninth grade students grow into articulate and thoughtful researchers able to delve into any topic they choose. Ninth grade level skills include:

  • The ability to research, plot, and implement interdisciplinary study projects.
  • Outdoor safety, wilderness medicine, navigation with mapping, guiding, and outdoor leadership
  • Animal tracking, sensory awareness, and reasoning and logic.
  • Botany, seasonal cycles, and geological science through biology, natural history, foraging, wildcrafting, and restorative gardening (permaculture).
  • Ecology, systems thinking, and entrepreneurial strategy for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Wilderness survival and forest craft skills such as fire by friction, shelter construction, bow making, and water—skills for full outdoor immersion.
  • Folk skills such as green woodworking, carpentry, tool use, and blacksmithing.
  • Intensive sensory awareness and movement arts for a lifetime of personal health and fitness.
  • The thoughtful exploration of individual purpose, community responsibilities, and healthy livelihood (organizational and business skills).

Overnights and Expeditions

Our high school class embarks on several overnight expeditions throughout the year. We visit extraordinary sites around the Pacific Northwest. These trips are designed to encourage independence and competence as well as expand upon long-term projects.

Program Information

Current Grades


1 lead teacher to 7 students


1 lead teacher to 7 students

 Middle School

1 lead teacher to 12 students

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