Portland Forest School - High School

Portland Forest School's micro high school is a 3-day a week project-based program for high school aged students. Students go beyond traditional skills to create a variety of group and individual research projects, based on history, environmental studies, and anthropology. As a class, students help create the interdisciplinary curriculum through hands-on labs, readings, and independent research based on their interests.

Forest School Virtual Open House

When:  TBD

Attend our Virtual Forest School Open House. Meet and talk with our teachers and Principal through video conference. Learn how our nature-first approach to education cultivates lifelong learning and resiliency.


While we give students evaluations based on progress, and full participation from each student is required and expected, this class acts as a supplemental program to your student's online, community college, homeschool, or other high school program. Students create a comprehensive portfolio of their work, however, we are not offering credits or diplomas.

We are able to provide students and their families resources for working towards and obtaining their high school diploma or GED. Our teachers mentor students and guide them towards appropriate outside resources to reach their academic goals.

Class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:15AM - 3:30PM. Tuition is $8,955 for the school year.  

Tuition and Application

Program Information

Current Multi-Day Grade


5-days a week
1 lead teacher to 7 students


5-days a week
1 lead teacher to 7 students

Middle School

5-days a week
1 lead teacher to 12 students

High School

Micro School - 3-days a week
1 lead teacher to 14 students

Tuition and Application

Other Programs Available

Preschool Age (4-5)

1-day a week
1 lead teacher to 7 students