Pirates, Swords and Cannons and #%@!

Do you want to be a pirate? Are you thrilled by the grand notion of shooting black powder rifles, firing off cannons and launching all manner of things that go "boom"? Do yearn the life of throwing knives, daggers and sea shanties?

Brought You By The Letter RRR!

Then this is the class for you! Join the Trackers Mariners Guild as our vessel is commandeered by the salty sea pirates of PDXYar!

No experience required!

In this program you learn from experts and get safe hands-on training with the following weapons: cannons (carriage mounted "deck guns" and signal mortars) and small arms (pistols and rifles).

Our time is spent learning how to load, shoot and clean the black powder weapons along with good pirate fashion because any good and well dressed pirate must always fight with true flair.

Pirates, Swords and Cannons and #%@!




Shuttle departure Trackers Scout Pit, 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR
Class location Camp Trackers, Sandy, OR


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Ages Adult October 5, 2013 Tuition $89

Please Note While this program definitely holds a humor, the foundation and its primary goal is safety with firearms and black powder weapons. All program structure will be subject to this focus.

Pirates, Swords and Cannons and #%@! may include...

Most importantly, expert instruction in the following areas...

Learn how to load and fire a variety of traditional and modern black powder weapons. This includes pistols, rifles and maybe even the occasional blunderbuss.

Work as part of a gunnery crew. Fire carriage-mounted deck cannons and signal mortars. Learn how to load, fire cannons both individually and as part of a crew. One word: broadside.

Disassemble and clean weaponry after a day's shoot. Learn the differences between flintlock, caplock and a variety of other ignition systems.

Shoot for score! Compete in teams throughout the weekend, culminating in a target shoot on Sunday. Take the skills you've learned and see who can hit a target with a muzzleloader at 50 yards.

Sing the songs and learn the stories of the Golden Age of Piracy and the age of the mountain man at a Saturday evening campfire.

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Our Partner This class is proudly offered in partnership with PDXYar. These "Swashbucklers of Stumptown" offer the true pirate experience with half the torture and all of the bravado. Our pirate crew from PDXYar...

RedgoatDan Clark
a.k.a. Captain Ragnar "Redgoat" MacHaggis: Small arms, tomahawks, shanties and the fine art of story-fu.

DingoJaime Kirk
a.k.a. Quartermaster Domingo "Dingo" Sanchez Villereal: Bladed weapon combat, knife/dagger throwing, small arms, haiku.

MacTavishKevin Stevenson
a.k.a. Master Gunner Lucian MacTavish: Small arms, cannons, bladed weapon combat, leatherworking, the kilted mile.

GracieLauri Obom
a.k.a. Gracie Hawkins: Small arms, cannons, heavy cavalry.