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Homeschool Outdoor Adventure Program

In our Homeschool Outdoor Adventure Program (HOAP) Kids make friends while learning authentic outdoor skills.

How it Works

The Homeschool Outdoor Adventure Program (HOAP) offers wilderness and folk craft taught by the best educators at Trackers. Youth and teens can connect while learning news skills through our Mentoring Days, Skills Evenings and Open Archery Range.

Mentoring Days One day a week Homeschool Apprentices train with expert instructors at our epic outdoor locations. We provide transportation. We divide our training and curriculum into seasonal terms:

Fall Stealth, Archery & Wilderness Survival
In Fall we focus on the skills of stealth, archery and wilderness survival. Under the thoughtful guidance of our expert educators, Homeschool Apprentices develop the foundations of nature awareness and forest craft.

Winter Blacksmithing, Woodworking & Archery
In Winter we delve into hands-on artisans crafts such as blacksmithing and woodworking in our indoor arts studio. We still get time outside continuing our wilderness skills and expanding our intensive archery training. Please Note Due to facilities at our W Portland location, blacksmithing is not a component and this location is typically always outdoors.

Spring Outdoor Adventure & Wilder Skills
In Spring we focus on developing more outdoor skills along with learning and helping with the animals and gardens of Trackers Ranch.

Year-Round Bonus Family Skills Evenings & Open Archery Range
There are also learning opportunities every week. During the terms they are registered, homeschool Students and their immediate family get free admission to our Skills Evenings (every Thursday) and our Open Archery Range (every Thursday, Friday, Saturday).

Ages Groups

In our Homeschool Outdoor Adventure Program (HOAP) we believe in the power of multi-generational learning. Much of the time each age group embarks on their own wilderness rite of passage led by our experienced instructors. Part of the time older students also mentor younger students while developing leadership skills. Each age group serves a very specific role in the village. Students will stay with the same age group throughout the entire year so that they are able to continue to work together.

Ages 6-7 Hands on skills and tasks. Learning the foundations of the guild they are in.
Ages 8-9 More responsibility. Tasked with seeing the group projects form start to finish.
Ages 10-12 Focuses on more advanced projects while also acting as mentors for younger students.
Ages 13-15 Focuses on more advanced projects while also acting as mentors for younger students.

Ages 4-5 Rovers Forest Days is a separate program that takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This age group builds the foundations of comfort and confidence in the outdoors while learning craft skills. Learn more

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