Year-Round Mentoring Programs Weekdays & Weekends

Trackers Earth's long-term mentoring programs develop skills of outdoor leadership.
Youth and teens discover their own connection to friends, nature, and community.
Through year-long mentoring programs, they find...

Outdoor Social Connection Guided by Trackers Educators, kids and teens discover get outdoor and find connection with friends.

Nature Connection Students explore the outdoors. Through hands-on discovery, they find meaningful connections to the natural world.

Mentoring & Leadership Apprenticeships cultivate leadership skills rooted in community and stewardship.

Weekday & Weekend Programs

Weekday Homeschool occurs 1 day a week for 10 weeks.
Weekend Apprenticeships occur 1 day a month from Fall to Spring.

Rovers (Grade K-1)


Rovers Apprenticeship

1 weekend a month, Fall to Spring
Gr K-1 Nature connection & adventure.

Trackers Apprenticeship

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Trackers Apprenticeship

1 weekend a month, Fall to Spring
Gr 2-12 Trackers skills & adventure.

Rangers Apprenticeship


Rangers Apprenticeship

1 weekend a month, Fall to Spring
Gr 2-5 Wlderness Surival with expert Guides.

Realms Apprenticeship


Realms Apprenticeship

1 weekend a month, Fall to Spring
Gr 2-12 Quest of Elves, Wizards & Dragons.

Weekday Homeschool

Robin-FS Shoot

Weekday Homeschool

1 Day a Week, 10 Week Turns
Ages 5-17 Outdoor Adventure Days


Pottery Camp

Art Apprenticeships

1 day a week, 5 week series
Grades K-12 Learn hands-on art from expert guides

Partner Organizations

The following organizations accept Trackers camp credits and offer leading educational experiences.

Outdoor PDX

Rock Climbing 2

Outdoor PDX

Outdoor Adventure Programs
Kayak, rock climb, snowshoe & more!




Arts & Crafts Classes
Blacksmithing, ceramics, woodcraft & more.

Trackers Spark

Spark Tile

Trackers Spark

Online Camps & Classes
Grades K-12 Small groups with expert educators.

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