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Winter Elves, Wizards & Dragons

Welcome to Realms of Cascadia, our epic role-playing adventure camp. Quest in a land of myth and mystery, where stories come to life. Learn outdoor skills to forge your path through the forest.

Create your own fantastical character to become an Elf, Wizard, Fairy Queen, Orc and more. Prepare for adventure! Each camp has a unique story, a complete chapter in the ongoing saga of our Realms of Cascadia. Gather your allies and begin your quest. The fate of the Realms lies in your hands!

Winter Break Portland

Choose your own adventure with different daily themes.

Grade 1-5 Realms of Cascadia: Fire Quest The Wizards first noticed the element of Fire was fading soon after the Fall Equinox, and now even simple campfires grow harder and harder to spark. The Sun seems colder, even for the oncoming Winter. Our adventurers must solve an ancient riddle to quest to save the primordial power of the Eternal Flame from permanently dying!

Grade 1-5 Realms of Cascadia: Vikings & Valkyries Loki, the ancient Norse god of mischief is on the loose. In possession of Thor's hammer, he is now running amok. Only the Vikings and the Valkyries can stop him. But all is not what it seems, Loki is shapeshifter and trickster. A deeper plot is revealed as the Vikings and the Valkyries journey through the ancient world of Norse legend and myth.

Grade 1-5 Realms of Cascadia: Game of Bones Winter is here! There is a battle for power in all the Realms. Choose your kingdom and prepare for your quest. Explore the forest for the Lost Dragon Bones—ancient relics that shall foretell the future leader of the Realms of Cascadia.

Grade 1-5 Realms of Cascadia: Elves, Wizards & Dragons An epic quest connects our heroes with the teachers of the Wizards Academy. They journey once again to the northern lands of the Ice Elves in their search for a map to the Dragon's Gate—a fabled backdoor and portal to a secret land lost to the Realms long ago.

Grade 1-5 Realms of Cascadia: Holiday Troll Market Travel underground to the fantastic Holiday Troll Market. Dazzle at all the wonders and wares of the Realms. But all is not what it seems and intrigue abounds! You and your band must barter through the market, solving riddles to discover an ancient secret that threatens all the Realms of Cascadia.

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