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Archery Training & Bow Making Classes

Portland, Oregon

Our archery lessons and bow making courses include camps for kids, courses for adults, and family events. We provide programs for both beginners and advancing students. Our facilities encompass one of the largest indoor ranges in SE Portland and private outdoor ranges in Sandy, OR. Our equipment includes both traditional wood and modern bows.

Archery Courses

1 Day or 4 Evening Series Archery Training Basics
An introduction into the world of archery and gear care.
Oct - May, 1 weekend a month  Archery Training Immersion
Immersion the sport and art of archery. Expert coaching in archery fundamentals and advanced skills.

Bow Making Courses

Bow Making Basics
Craft your own bow out of locally harvested materials and simple blades and knives.
Bamboo-Backed Hickory Longbow
Make a laminate longbow from bamboo and hickory. Appropriate for beginners in bow making.
Arrow Making Basics
Make your own arrows. A cost-effective solution to stocking your quiver.

Open Archery Range

Thurs, Fri or Sat Open Range
Open shooting at our indoor archery range in Portland. Entry is $5 per person. Current hours.

Family Courses

1st Saturdays Family Archery Sessions
Family introduction to archery. Kids and parents learn together.

Youth Archery Courses

Archery and Wilderness Survival Camps
Archery youth camps. Summer camp, winter break and spring break programs.
Oct - June, 1 weekend a month Archery Apprenticeship
Mentoring in archery with the expert instructors. Grades 2 - 12.