Open Archery Range Portland, OR

Please Note The Open Archery Range will close for Summer 2014 and reopen in Fall 2014. Trackers shall be moving 4-blocks from our original location to a much larger range nearly 3-times as wide and twice as long as our current archery lanes. We look forward to opening our new range in Fall 2014 to better serve the archery community. The new range will also include coffee service.

Come loose arrows at Trackers open archery lanes in SE Portland.

Our indoor archery range in Portland, Oregon is open to the public for shooting on specified Thursday Evenings and Saturdays during the day. Entry is $6 per person. You can bring your own gear or rent from us. Respect for taking turns and varying skill level of other shooters is required.

Train with the family

Welcome to Trackers indoor range. We offer a comfortable and fun place for family and friends to hone their archery skills.

Open Archery Range


Current Hours Saturdays, 12pm-3pm

No Open Range the weekdays of or weekends following Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring Break, Easter, Memorial Day

Discounted The range is discounted to $5 every Thursday evening at Trackers Club

Important Children must always be accompanied by an adult

Locaton 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, Oregon


Location Trackers Scout Pit, 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR


Pay at door

Ages All Every Saturday Tuition $6

Pay at door

Ages All Gear Rental Every Saturday inlcudes bow and 3 arrows Tuition $5

Core Archery Courses

Archery Training Basics This is 7-hour course serves as inspiration and introduction into the world of archery and equipment care. It teaches the basic skills required for our Rangers Guild: Archery Arc 1 and beyond.

8-month Archery Training Immersion 1-weekend a month immersed in the sport and art of archery. Our instructors provide expert coaching in archery fundamentals while bridging into more advanced skills.

Specialty Archery Courses

Bow Making Basics This course covers crafting your own bow out of locally harvested materials and how to hew wood with simple blades and knives.

Open Archery Range

Open Range Our indoor archery range in Portland, Oregon is often open to the public for open shooting. Entry is $5 per person. Respect for the turns and varying skill level of other shooters is required. Go here for current hours.

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