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Employment with Trackers Earth

Portland, Oregon

Do you want be part of an organization that connects kids and adults to their community and their land? Are you a huge Joss Whedon fan? We're looking for great folks to teach in our 2016 Youth Camps. Why apply now? Our early application process is adventurous and unique. It also is a great chance to build excellent professional connections and potentially participate in early training opportunities.

Open Positions

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Available Positions

Trackers Earth needs skilled teachers who want to make education better. We accept applications for all positions year-round. We’re looking for:

  • Coordinators: Professionals with many years of outdoor education and team leadership experience
  • Instructors: Educators passionate about building competency in kids through outdoor education
  • Extended Camp Coordinators & Instructors: Morning & afternoon hours overseeing our extended camp
  • Weekend Guides: Guides able to work weekends leading adventurous excursions

Options for employment may include: Year-Round (see below), Winter Break, Spring Break and most importantly, Summer Camps

Looking for Educators & Mentors

Trackers is a diverse organization; less a business than a group of people focused on family and village. We need mentors to create thoughtful, challenging adventures in the outdoors, story, and folk wisdom. And yes, we do want you to come with skills or a great willingness to learn. These skills could include but not be limited to the following...

  • Primitive skills and bushcraft
  • Folk craft and Homesteading
  • Archery and Bow Making, Kayaking
  • Fishing and Foraging
  • Live Action Role-playing Camps
  • Filmmaking
  • Blacksmithing.

The Four Guilds

The Guilds are at the core of Trackers. You don't need to know all the skills in every guild, but it is key to have an affinity and strong desire to develop them.

Rangers Guild (Reconnect the Village) - The Rangers are the hunters and protectors for the village. Versed in the arts of wilderness survival, tracking, and awareness, they remind us all of our connection to the wild and ways of the forest.

Wilders Guild (Restore the Earth) - The Wilders are caretakers, restoring the land to what it once was and beyond. If you live the way of rural or urban homesteading, love bacon, appreciate the hunt for wild plants, like goats more than people (awkward), and want to restore the wild into every nook and cranny of this world, join the Wilders Guild.

Mariners Guild (Respect the Waters) - The Mariners Guild thrive by the waterways. They fish, build boats, and connect our world by wind and sea. Mariners chart their course by the stars. They are masters of healthy economy, barter, and trade. Through salty wisdom, they demand respect for the water and all life within - and only occasionally talk like pirates.

Artisans Guild (Remember our Story) - The Artisans Guild regale us with their theatrics. They are story keepers; travelers bare-of-foot, walking and sleeping under the twilight sky. If you are a fine craftsperson (woodworking, sewing, leather, or blacksmithing), a teller of excellent stories, a geek who loves Buffy and Doctor Who, or a role-playing LARPing/gamer nerd who loves the outdoors, join our Artisans Guild.

Flexibility, No Whining, Fantastic Conflict & Intelligent Conversation

Flexibility: We want individuals who are quick, thoughtful, and generous about solving challenges. We thrive with people who see opportunity in awesome complexity. Who remain calm when others are overwhelmed. They also don’t make a practice of blaming others for challenges. They ask helpful questions of the right people, right away.

The Riddle: Finding those "right people" might require thoughtful questions. Like many aspects of Trackers, navigating its intensity is a series of fantastic riddles we will never solve but leads us to the fantastic challenge of possibilities.

Conflict: More than just an employer, Trackers Earth is a community. It also adds a flip-side to the idea of constructive conflict. If you don't prioritize relationships over your ego's need to win, you probably won't last long here.

We don't pretend conflict doesn't exist. We strive to utilize it intelligently for the growth of the village. It plays out in our camps and how we approach life each day. And that brings us to:

Our Rules and Code

At Trackers we have 3-rules with a Code of Common Sense. Read on if you don't find such a statement overly pretentious.

The Rules...

1) No one dies
2) No wounds that don't heal in 4 days
3) Follow the Code of Common Sense

The Code...

Pay Attention:
Things like driving, wilderness survival, and compassion require it.

Be Truly Helpful:
Don't be one of those people that only think they're helpful. Pay attention to see if you are actually being thusly.

This is not something we demand, it's something we thrive by. It's about respecting flow, challenges, and the amazing complexity of the nature world.

We're doing it wrong, let's do it better:
Egos in check at the door. This is hard work and part of that is knowing we're always going to find a way to be even more awesome.

If these rules and our Code strikes a chord with you, please continue reading. Also remember that every job has moments of drudgery, things you'd rather not do, but Trackers tends to inspire a lot more fun, joy, and wonder than most. People, kids and adults alike, respond to your excitement. Be responsible, do a job, but have *fun* (the fourth rule or fourth wall?).

Consider Us

By the way, this is not the perfect description of working with Trackers. In fact, your role will be far more nuanced and in-depth that we can convey in this glib description. You’re getting more than a job. You’re creating a livelihood with a good group of people. If you get what we mean by this, you may be a good fit.

BTW We also often discuss the dynamics of Dune, the Bene Gesserit, Mentats, Jedi, and such when planning our programs. And of course, Ashitaka.

Open Positions

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