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Year-long Wilderness Programs

Our immersion programs offer long-term study in outdoor skills and traditional crafts. Under the guidance of expert instructors, you join a team of highly focused individuals learning about wilderness survival, homesteading, blacksmithing, or archery.

FREE Trackers Immersion Informational Night

When May 17, 2017, 6 PM - 7:30 PM
Where Trackers Earth Portland 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue

Come explore our year-round adult courses. Learn about our 3-day a week Hunter Gatherer Immersion and our monthly year-long programs in wilderness survival, homesteading, blacksmithing or archery. Meet instructors and current students. Discover how our long-term programs in traditional skills strengthen your connection to nature and community.



Immersion programs occur weekly for 9-months, 3-days a week with longer field trips and expeditions.

Hunter Gatherer Immersion

Sept - May 3-days a week

The Hunter Gatherer Immersion combines wilderness skills and innovative education to re-engage with traditional ways of living. Spend 9-months deepening your connection to nature and generating greater respect for the land and the timeless human story.

Year Programs

Year programs are 9-months to 1-year long and occurt 1-weekend a month. They generally focus on one topic.

Woodworking Year

Sept - May 1-weekend a month

Learn the craft of woodworking from expert instructors through hands-on projects. Understand types of wood and delve into both rough and fine carving.

Wilderness Survival Year

Oct - Sept 1-weekend a month

Gain vital skills of awareness and survival. Craft essential gear for your primitive survival kit. Test yourself in a one-week spring survival trek.

Homesteading Year

Oct - Sept 1-weekend a month

Learn about wild foraging, gardening, animal husbandry, and folk craft. Join a collective, sharing a plot of farm land to raise healthy food for your pantry.

Ceramics Year

Sept - April 1-weekend a month

Learn the ancient art of pottery. Coil and sculpt clay. Craft earth into useful bowls, plates, pots, cups and art. Fire your works in our kiln.

Archery Year

Sept - April 1-weekend a month

Expert coaching in the foundations of archery while bridging into more advanced skills. At our private indoor and outdoor archery ranges.

Bow Making Year

Sept - April 1-weekend a month

Study with expert bow makers. Hand build four different bows, including a flat bow, survival bow, self-bow and laminate longbow.

Blacksmithing Year

Sept - April 1-weekend a month

Learn the craft of blacksmithing with expert educators. Forge, split, twist and punch hot metal to make art and tools. Make pieces to take home.

Bladesmithing Year

Sept - April 1-weekend a month

Knives, Axes and more! Forge all them all by fire & hammer. Move & fold metal on the anvil to make your own bladed tools and weapons.

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