Outdoor & Environmental Educator Internship Portland

This paid internship immerses you in Trackers Earth's unique method of teaching outdoor leadership and wilderness skills. You become a mentor in a community helping youth develop an in-depth connection to nature. Through this internship and training program you join the Trackers Village as we learn about and live skills of land and community.

My experience has pushed me and challenged me to grow in new and often frustrating and exhilarating ways. What appealed to me about Trackers versus other programs was the depth and diversity of skills taught to all ages. They offer everything from wilderness survival and homesteading to magic camp, and forest ninja, and they teach it all to five year olds as well as to 95 year olds. -Jenni Bradley, Environmental Educator Training Student

Two Parts of one Whole

This programs consists of two parts. The first part is a fully paid internship learn and working as an instructor in our summer youth camps and possibly beyond. Second, if you choose to take your study of wilderness skills and folk craft further, we offer a internships a significant scholarship to our 1-year Trackers Village Immersion. These two parts combine to offer one of the most encompassing environmental educator trainings available.

Part 1 - Paid internship and employment in our youth summer camps and programs
We hire you as a intern instructor for our summer camps. You earn a full-time seasonal wage for every time you work with our youth camps. You can use these funds to attend our Trackers Village Immersion program with the Educator Training Scholarship.

Part 2 (Optional) - Trackers Village Immersion with the Educator Training Scholarship Attendance in the program enables you to take our year-long Trackers Village Immersion with a significant scholarship. We offer this opportunity to help build a community of educators capable of teaching authentic outdoor skills. The base cost for the Trackers Village Immersion program is typically $1,995. While in this program, you get a $700 scholarship to the Trackers Village Immersion (for $1,295 in total tuition). You have the option of only choosing the paid internship for our summer program and not attending the Village Immersion.

Mentors of authentic skills

Cultivating a deep connection to nature through authentic outdoor skills is often lost in modern environmental education. We seek to change that. Our Program Mentors help you develop the foundations to expand your outdoor experience in arts both ancient and timeless. They also engage you in a College of Fellowship where together we explore best practices for sharing those skills with students of all ages.

Create a Village

Our methods of community building and education support the diverse passions that comprise a truly engaging and intelligent learning community. This depth of experience and service is integral to our camps, adult programs and your role with us as a student of environmental education. At Trackers we seek to recreate a village of mentorship and sustainability. Through our Environmental Educator Training Program you become ambassador for a world that needs to exist.

Important This is an application based learning program. Only the best fits are selected. Environmental education must be a genuine career goal.

Outdoor Educator Training Program


Part 1 8-10 weeks or more learning as a paid assistant outdoor educator in our summer youth camps
Part 2 - Optional 1-weekend a month in our Trackers Village Immersion


Day Camps Trackers Scout Pit, 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR
Overnight Camps & Trackers Village Immersion Camp Trackers, Sandy, OR


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Work Study Rate of Pay 8-10 weeks learning as a paid assistant outdoor educator in our summer youth camps
Trackers Village Immersion
Tuition $1,295 save nearly $700 off our regular tuition

Trackers Village Immersion

The Trackers Village Immersion takes place one weekend a month where core instructors and the entire community of Trackers comes together to teach and learn wilderness skills of sustainability, personal nature connection, and feeding the village. These are skills that will distinguish you as an outdoor and environmental educator. With program enrollment we also include our Wilderness Skills Club for training beyond the weekends.

Trackers Club

Trackers Club is an opportunity for consistent practice and support while learning the skills of Trackers Earth. It offers Evenings at the Scout Pit with expert instructors in our Four Guilds for general activites (specialized activities such as blacksmithing may be an addtional cost).

Skills Evenings Every Thursday of the Month

Located in Southeast Portland, the Trackers Scout Pit has four Guild Rooms and an Archery Range. One room for Wilders and their homesteading crafts, basket making and medicinal plants. Another is for Artisans, blacksmithing or maybe working wood. Then there are the Mariners, brewing mead or building a kayak. Finally you have the Rangers, bow making, fire by friction, flintknapping and more. All this, plus an indoor archery range to regularly shoot in. You bring a personal project to work on or join our instructors as they facilitate a group skill.


Am I guaranteed 10-weeks of work? For the most part yes, with the rare exception of individual not meeting the professional standards of the job. You get a paycheck at full wage for this program and thus are a full employee of Trackers with all the professional expectations that come with this.

Do I automatically get the job? What are you looking for? No. This jobs program has an application process just like any job or work study program. We’re looking for people enthusiastic about becoming awesome outdoor educators who serve their community and a greater connection to nature. We also need individuals who are able to represent Trackers in a thoughtful, caring, and compassionate way.

Can I apply my earned money to other Trackers programs? Yes you can. Though the program scholarship you receive through this programs is specially granted for the Trackers Village Immersion. You can also apply it to whatever else you like because as we remind you, it’s your money.

Application Outdoor Educator Training Program

Please Note Filling out this application does not necessarily constitute acceptance into the Outdoor & Environmental Educator Training Program. We first must review your application to see if you are good match for Our Outdoor & Environmental Educator Training Program with our youth programs.

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Core Immersion Courses

1-year Trackers Village Program 1 weekends a month September to May, and ongoing skills evenings and days year-round. Discover an incredible connection with nature and community. For one year join the Trackers family as we celebrate, work and learn together as a village. Learning takes place through projects that help create the village. During monthly weekend campouts and wilderness skills days you choose from hands-on activities within our Four Guilds.

1-year Environmental Educator Training Program 3-9 weeks in the summer, 1 weekends a month September to August, and ongoing skills evenings and days year-round. Study to be an outdoor skills instructor with Trackers's unique model of environmental education. This program combines learning as an assistant in our Summer Camps with our Trackers Village Immersion.

Specialty Immersion Courses

8-months Archery Training Immersion 1-weekend a month immersed in the sport and art of archery. Our instructors provide expert coaching in archery fundamentals while bridging into more advanced skills.

2-months Hunting Immersion A course on the practice, ethics and regulations of subsistence hunting. This program takes place over a series of evenings and weekends.

Youth Apprenticeship Courses

Trackers Apprenticeships are the opportunity for youth to work with highly experienced mentors in wilderness skills and sustainability.

Ages 11-17 Rangers Apprenticeship Youth work with experienced mentors to develop authentic outdoor skills applicable to all aspects of life, learning, and leadership.

Ages 6-10 Junior Rangers Apprenticeship Youth learn the arts of animal tracking, wilderness survival, tracking and silent movement through the woods.

Ages 7-17 Archery Apprenticeship Intensive training program for any teen or youth interested in archery as a practice and art.

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