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Trackers After School

Portland, Oregon

Join Trackers Earth for adventures after school. Options include outdoor skills, archery martial arts and blacksmithing.

We pick-up from Abernethy, Richmond, Woodstock, Le Monde, Duniway, Opal, Buckman and International School. You can drop-off for specialty courses: archery, blacksmithing & martial arts.

Art of Nature

Sept-June, Options every day

Grade K -2 After School for our youngest students. Drop your child off for afternoons of nature arts and crafts.

Archery After School

Sept-June, Tuesdays

Grade 2-10 Train archery at one of the largest indoor ranges in SE Portland. Learn with experienced instructors.

Blacksmith After School

Sept-June, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Grade 5-10 Apprentice with experts. Blacksmith by the forge 1-day a week. Learn the craft of metal bending.

Martial Arts After School

Sept-June, Tuesdays

Grade 1-4 Movement & fitness after school. With a Trackers focus. Train animal martial arts and self-defense.

Transported After School

Sept-June, Options every day

We pick-up from your school for afternoons of outdoor adventure. You pick up at our SE Portland location.

Full-Time Forest School

Full-time, 5-days a week

Enrolling for Grades K, 1st, 6th-8th
Join Trackers full-time school.
Learn outdoors. Small class size.

Upcoming Fall 2017

The following programs are upcoming for Fall 2017 or sooner.

Ceramic Studio Learn the ancient art of pottery. Coil and sculpt clay. Craft earth into useful bowls, plates, pots, cups and art. Fire your works in our kiln. Grades 4-10

Trackers & Hackers Train how to code through the eyes of a Tracker. Learn about systems thinking and mapping for the natural world and the virtual one. Grades 5-10

Wilders Woodworking Apprentices in the art of woodworking with expert instructors. Build projects for both art and function. Delve into both rough and fine carving. Learn about finishing and preservation. Grades 5-10

Interested in these programs.