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Trackers After School

Portland, Oregon

Trackers After School offers outdoor adventure and hands-on crafts throughout the year.

Top 5 reasons to choose Trackers After School...

1. First in Safety At Trackers After School, our priority is caring for your child. Since its beginning Trackers has set the standard for safety in outdoor programs for Oregon and beyond.

2. High-Quality, Well-Trained Staff We cultivate experienced and mature educators coming from the highest level of professional and personal experience. All Trackers staff are chosen through a thorough background check and an intensive interview process. They are expert instructors who teach authentic skills.

3. Increased Self-Confidence through Skills At Trackers After School your child trains archery, fishes, learns outdoor survival, make woodworking projects, blacksmiths by the forge or even develops creativity in our role-playing adventure camps. Choose your after school program and choose your adventure.

4. Old and New Friends Trackers After School becomes a community through collaborative learning. At Trackers, kids make friends with similar interests.

5. Best Hours For working parents we offer programs with pick-up from specific schools. And our specialty programs offer flexible check-in and check-out hours.

After School Program Options

Trackers offers flexible options for after school. Our transported program is designed to get kids outdoors while our specialty programs offer a range of options in hands-on crafts and skills training.

Transported After School Outdoors (TAO)

We pick your child up from school for an afternoon of exploring the outdoors or craft work at our local artisans studio in SE Portland. You pick up at the end of the day 5:15pm-6pm. Fall and Spring have an intensive outdoors focus while winter stresses hands-on crafts in our Artisans studio. Transported programs operate continuously during the year with holiday breaks.

Specialty After School Skills Programs

Bring your kid to Trackers where experienced educators offer intensive apprenticeship in specialty skills such as blacksmithing, archery, bow making, woodworking and more. Most specialty programs take place during seasonal terms. All programs include holiday breaks.