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Kayak Camp

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Come kayak with Trackers! Paddle and play through local waterways in our traditional handcrafted, skin-on-frame boats. Watch for wildlife on the water and shore: birds, deer and even otters. Learn the fundamentals of boating: safety, gear, paddling technique, knots and other mariner skills.

Please Note If you do not have one, we provide your child with the required PFD (Personal Flotation Device).

Summer Camps 2016 Portland

About Our Boats Trackers boats are unique. Skin-on-frame kayaks evolved over thousands of years in some of the most arduous waters in the world, such as the Arctic Ocean. The "skin" of our highly flexible and resilient boats is ballistic-grade nylon-the same material used in bulletproof vests. The wood frames are lashed and pegged using traditional construction techniques. Because of their natural profile, our boats also encourage closer encounters with wildlife.