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Zombie Survival Camp

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These have been trying times ever since the zombies came. It is your job to protect your village and stop the zombie invasion. Train with elite instructors from the Z-Team of Rangers Guild. Learn essential skills of survival and stealth. Battle zombies. Guide your ragtag band away from the cities of zombie hordes and into the safety of the wilderness.

Wilderness Survival Learn the art of outdoor survival. Guide your village beyond the city and into the safety of the wilderness.

Stealth and Invisibility Train the arts of stealth and evasion in order to evade the zombie hordes.

Zombie Combat Participate in live action stealth games evading and battling the oncoming zombie horde.

Summer Camps 2016 Portland

Choose your own adventure with different weekly themes:

Grade 2-5 Zombie Survivors Under the guidance of Rangers Guild instructors, you and your team learn to protect your village from zombies with essential stealth and survival skills.

Grade 6-10 Zombie Survival: The Z-Team Join the ranks of our elite squad and train as the first response in a zombie invasion. Learn survival skills and intensive zombie battle tactics for the front lines of the zombie war.

Grade 6-12 Overnight Camp Z: Zombie Survival Training Every village in the zombie apocalypse sends their teens to Camp Z. In this fortified, 80 acre, primitive camp outside the town formerly known as Sandy, Oregon, campers train day and night to protect their village from the zombie hordes. Special wilderness scenarios and missions pit you and your team against the wildest zombies, known only as the ShadowZ.

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