Outdoor Adventure : Forest Craft & Folk School Portland, OR

At Trackers Earth we offer programs in wilderness survival, archery, bow making, blacksmithing, tracking, wild edible plants and more. Our courses in Folk and Forest Craft build confidence and common sense in the outdoors. We teach authentic skills of independence and a life connected to community and the land.

Upcoming Outdoor Skills

Spring Break Camps

Wilderness Survival

$67 Stone Tool Basics Sept 28
Wilderness Survival Basics
Oct 25
$49 Knife & Axe Basics Nov 22
Spring Break Camps

Leather Craft

$67 Hide Tanning Basics Nov 1-2
$95 Shoemaking Oct 13, 14, 20 & 21 - Evenings
Spring Break Camps

Archery & Bow Making

$49 Archery Training Basics Oct 4
Make a Longbow Oct 13, 15, 20 & 22 Evenings
$49 Arrow Making Basics Nov 1
$6 Open Archery Range Every Saturday
$15 Archery Family Class Every Saturday
Spring Break Camps


$67 Blacksmithing Class Oct 11 or 12
Knife Making Nov 15-16
$15 Open Forge Every Thursday
Spring Break Camps

$5 Wilderness Skills Club

A family-friendly program with consistent practice and support while learning the skills of Trackers Earth. Includes the Open Archery Range.

Upcoming Events

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Opening Housewarming Celebration

Sept 27, 4pm-7pm The Trackers family welcomes your family for a housewarming celebration of our beautiful new home in SE Portland. Open archery range, music, apple cider pressing and friends of Trackers. Plus potluck with free grilled sausages and refreshing tasty beverages.

Upcoming Outdoor Immersion

Spring Break Camps

Village Immersion Program

1-weekend a month, Fall to Spring Find community, create a village - Learn through hands-on study in wilderness skills & folk craft.
Spring Break Camps

Outdoor Educator Work Study

1-year, June 2015 - June 2016 Learn as an assistant in our youth camps and train skills intensively in our Village program.
Spring Break Camps

Archery Immersion

1-weekend a month, Fall to Spring Intensively train archery with expert instructors. Work with different bows and styles at our private ranges.

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Outdoor Camp Educator Jobs

Employment with Trackers

Do you want be part of an organization that connects kids and adults to their community and their land? Are you a huge Joss Whedon fan? We're looking for great folks to teach with 2014 Youth Camps. Our application process is adventurous and unique.

Check out our general employment page.

We're currently hiring for the following positions...

Wilderness Survival-Primitive Skills Guide
Artisan Crafts & Role-Playing Camp Guide
Gardening & Homesteading Instructor
Archery or Bow Making Instructor
Film & Theatre Craft Instructor
Fishing Instructor & Guide
Blacksmithing Instructor
Kayak & Canoe Guide
Paintball Instructor

Need Experience? We also have a paid Outdoor Education Training program available. You develop experience as an assistant and train in our year-round immersion.