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Outdoor Adventure: Forest Craft & Folk School

Portland, OR

Ongoing Programs



Work with Trackers Earth Join our team. Several seasonal and full-time positions available.

Seasonal Summer Camps

2017 Summer Camps Work as an educator with our award-winning summer camps. Our training programs and summer employment feature an incredible community of highly skilled educators. Learn more...


Skills Club

Free A community program for primitive skills, folk arts & more.


Open Archery Range

$5 Our indoor archery range open to the public. Thursday & Friday evenings. Saturday during the day.


Educator Internship

1 year internship Intern with our youth camps. Learn our method of outdoor education.

Skills Classes


Outdoor Skills Courses

Summer of Survival

Overnight July 5-8, 2017 A wilderness summer camp for adults! Connect with fantastic people and learn ancient outdoor skills. Learn more >>


$95 Day Basics Sept 10, Sept 30, Oct 8, Nov 5 or Dec 10
$95 Evening basics Sept 12-Oct 3, Oct 10-31 or Nov 7-28
$195 Knifemaking Basics Oct 14-15 or Nov 25-26

Wilderness Survival

$74 Wilderness Survival Day Basics Sept 30, Oct 14, Nov 5 or Dec 17
$74 Hide Tanning Classes coming for Fall 2017

Archery & Bow Making

$74 Archery Day Basics Sept 30, Oct 14, Nov 5 or Dec 10
$74 Archery Evening Basics Sept 12-Oct 3, Oct 10-31 or Nov 7-28
$167 Bow Making Basics Oct 14-15 or Nov 25-26


$74 Fishing Basics Sept 30

Wild Plants

$74 Wild Edible Plants Basics Sept 30, Oct 14 or Nov 5

Folk Craft

$167 Shoe Making Basics Classes coming for Fall 2017


Wild Edible Plants

Harvest and preserve the bounty of the wild.
$67 Single Day Basic

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Animal Tracking

Learn the secrets of wildlife tracking.
$67 Single Day Basic