Trackers Wilderness Skills Club

Every Thursday

Wilderness Skills Club is a family-friendly program where all ages are welcome. This is your opportunity for consistent practice and support while learning the skills of Trackers Earth.

Come learn the skills of our Four Guilds. One minute you could join a Rangers Guild instructor teaching fire with no matches and the next you could be spinning wool with the Wilders. All this, plus an indoor archery range to regularly loose arrows. You bring a personal project to work on or join our instructors as they facilitate a group skill.

The Four Guilds

Rangers Guild
Forest craft and wilderness survival, tracking and the Curriculum of Shadows.
Wilders Guild
Folk craft and homesteading, wild plants and the Wilders Garden.
Mariners Guild
Knots, fishing, navigation, boat building and the Ecological Compass.
Artisans Guild
Artisan crafts, improvisation, community leadership, storytelling and myth making.

Archery Range

Our Open Archery Range is available at the cost of entry (save a buck) for Trackers Club. Bring your own gear or rent ours.

Blacksmith Forge

Every Thursday evening for Trackers Club we also fire up the blacksmith forge. If you taken a program with us before this is your opportunity to get more practice on the forge with the oversight of our instructors. Because blacksmithing requires specialized instruction and materials the forge has an additional fee of $15. Reservations for the forge are not required but highly recommended. Due to limited class size we cannot gaurantee spot without a reservation.

Important Note
Our Blacksmithing Basics is required as a prerequisite.

Free Entry for Rangers Apprenticeship & Village Immersion

Current students of our Rangers Apprenticeship (for youth) and our Village Immersion (for all ages) get the entrance free as part of their year-long membership in these programs. Some additional costs may apply such as archery equipment rental or specialized programs such as blacksmithing.

Family Friendly

All ages are welcome. Childern under 4 years are free. Club events have an informal learning focus most useful for independent learners and adults. All children must be accompanied by an adult and parents are fully responsible for their children during the event.

Trackers Club


Every Thursday
6:30pm-8:30pm (with holiday breaks)
No Trackers Club
Weekdays of, or weekends proceeding or following Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring Break, Easter, Memorial Day


4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue,
Portland, OR 97202


General Admittance - $5

All ages, pay at the door

Archery Gear Rental - $5

Includes bow and 3 arrows
All ages, pay at the door

Blackmithing: Fuel & Material - $15

Contact us to reserve your spot
Ages 10–adult, pay at the door