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Teen Camps 2014 : Portland, Oregon

Our teen camps challenge you to learn new skills. At Trackers we offer adventures that truly set us above other programs for teens.

One week you may go kayaking, the next you could make your own wooden longbow while training archery. You can embark on an overnight adventure to learn wilderness survival or homesteading crafts or train leadership skills by working with younger campers as Counselor in Training.

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Camp Registration Discounts

Super Early Bird Discount Save $50 - $90 on camps (17% off) Ends January 8, 2015
Early Bird Discount Save $33 - $52 on camps (10% off) Ends March 12, 2015
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Top 6 reasons to join Trackers Tween camp and Teen camps...

1) First in Safety At Trackers Camps our counselors make the well-being of your child a priority while also cultivating a greater awareness for personal safety with all participants.

2) High-Quality, Well-Trained Staff We hire the highest level of professional staff who work together in intensive training. All Trackers camp staff are chosen through a thorough background check and an intensive interview process. They are expert instructors who teach authentic skills.

3) Increased Self-Confidence through Skills At Trackers Camps your child trains archery, fishes by scenic rivers, learns outdoor survival, practices safe wood carving skills or develops creativity in our role-playing adventure camps. Our Leader in Training (LIT) and Jr Leader in Training (LIT) camps offer the opportunity to grow through education and learning as an assistant with younger campers.

4) Old and New Friends Trackers campers return time and again to camp. We are a community and family organization dedicated to collaborative learning. At Trackers, teens make friends with similar interests. Your child becomes a member of a strong learning team while embarking on fantastic adventures.

5) Incredible Fun Trackers Earth is the original. Other camps offer programs similar to our Archery Academy, Rangers Camp: Survival, Archery & Stealth or Kayak Adventure. It is our years of experience that provides the highest caliber instruction and curriculum for both role-playing and traditional skill based summer camps.

6) Best Day Camp Hours For working parents we offer flexible check-in from 7:30am-8:30am with flexible check-out from 3:30pm-4pm. Regular Camp Session runs from 8:30am-3:30pm. Base tuition makes our camps available 7:30am-4pm (a total of 8.5 hours). Add our affordable Extended Camp to go until 6pm. Overnight camps run from Sunday to Friday with Weekend Adventure options for extended stays.

Learn more Email or call (503) 345-3312

Camp Locations

SE Portland Trackers Earth Portland - 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, Oregon
NE Portland Grant High School - 2245 NE 36th Avenue, Portland Oregon
W Portland Sylvan Middle School - 1849 SW 58th Avenue, Portland, Oregon
Oregon Overnight Camps Camp Trackers - Sandy, Oregon with drop-off in SE Portland

Age Groups for Tween & Teen Camps

For summer camps, when grade is noted it means the grade the camper is entering the following fall.

Entering Grade 5-8 Mobile day or overnight camps that teach in-depth craft and outdoor skills
Entering Grade 9-12 Overnight or day camps with intensive training in outdoor lore and skills

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    NE Portland
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Need after camp? Pre-camp is free! Purchase After Camp 4pm-6pm


Grade 6-12 Overnight Camps Weeks throughout summer


Need after camp? Purchase After Camp 4pm-6pm


Grade 6-12 Overnight Camps Weeks throughout summer


Need after camp? Purchase After Camp 4pm-6pm


Grade 6-12 Overnight Camps Weeks throughout summer


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Year Round Mentoring

Our outdoor leadership and long-term mentoring programs offer an ongoing opportunity for youth to develop skills of nature connection with Trackers. Learn more

Voted the Coolest & Best Camp!

Trackers camps and outdoor programs have been recognized by several awards including best camp voted by parent’s with Red Tricycle and NW Kids magazines and an industry specific award for creative programming by the American Camp Association.

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More parent reviews...

"Very engaging and professional... The best he's ever been to." -Shannon A, Parent

"I love the energy in the room when I walk in the door to drop my kids off." -Jill Andreyule, Parent

"A totally new experience. Like Junior Outward Bound." -Lucy Boswerth, Parent

"Always a great experience. I prefer Trackers to the multiple camps we've tried." -Elisabeth Novak, Parent

"Hard to imagine any other camp that is this committed to the safety and enjoyment of the kids." -Andy & Monica White, Parents

"This has been the best camp! And, we've gone to a few! I have been telling everyone about it. I don't think you could have developed a more perfect camp experience for my son. Seriously… Honestly, I cannot think of enough words to describe how great this week was for Ethan. He was engaged, enthusiastic and exhausted at the end of the day. The storyline that his group developed was amazing and kept him thinking and connecting every night. I love the enthusiasm of Stewart. The patience and guidance he has with kids is inspiring. He has the ability to command a group of excitable kids safely and in a way that gets them thinking, creating and using their imaginations-- which is an under utilized skill (in my opinion). I loved how he made the whole camp adaptable to what the kids were interested in, and had the flexibility to flow with it. Fantastic job you guys!!!" -Erin Decristo, Parent

"So far, it is the best camp we have ever been to." -Jennifer Pull, Parent

"Boy won't stop talking about the stuff they learned and the great time they had!" -Megan Kelly, Parent

"Fantastic! Wonderful people who are passionate about what they do and care deeply for their students... This camp was outstanding. It exceeded our expectations and it was a great value." -David Cowing, Parent

"He's been proud to share new things he's learned with whole family. He specified, however, that he's not learning like school, he's "discovering." Thank you!" -Pamela Van Der Wolf, Parent

"Surpasses any experiences with camps so far; this is our first Trackers Camp." -Karl Lloyd Sones, Parent

"He says this is "probably the best camp I've been to in my whole life" (little does he know he's doing kayaking camp (with Trackers) in 2 weeks… I wished I'd plugged into your camps sooner." -Gail Anderson, Parent

"This camp is so awesome that when I pick him up he says right away "Aren't you gonna ask me about my day and what I did?" -Parent

"This is the best camp ever- we are thrileld." -Janine Framolin, Parent

"If your kid is imaginative, adventurous and loves the outdoors, there simply isn't a better camp experience." -Nicole Corde, Parent

"He had a lovely time all week and is talking about next year already." -Quenby, Parent

"This camp is so awesome that when I pick him up he says right away 'Aren't you gonna ask me about my day and what I did?' Usually I have to ask a million questions to get a couple of details." -Molly McAndrew, Parent

"Pel says this is one of the best camps ever and that all he wants to do next summer is Trackers." -Jeff Marks, Parent

"Hard to imaging anything else that would compare." -Andy White, Parent

"First time camper and we loved it!" -Melissa Appleton, Parent

"We started with one, now we're doing 5... Next year we're going for overnight camp. Maybe someday he'll be a counselor." -Laura, Parent

"My son loved his camp experience. As a city dweller, I take pride that my son still has an opportunity to catch frogs, go fishing & be outdoors. By far one of the best camps he's attended." -Toni Ketrenos, Parent

"They are the best I have seen! Smart, passionate, energetic, funky and caring." -Katy Banovic, Parent

"The elf pouch is a huge hit and will likely be worn all summer. Thank you for running such a great program which combines the wild with story and imagination so well." -Julie McMillan, Parent

The teachers were friendly and welcoming with my shy daughter. This was her first camp experience and she warmed up to the class quickly thanks to them. She is sad the week is over. She's loved taking me to Oaks Bottom every afternon to show me new places and teaching me new things she's learned." -Pamela Van Der Wolf, Parent

"Trackers is light years ahead of other camps my kids have done. If there's a theme, activities are on-topic and engaging (which wasn't the case elsewhere)." -Christine Jeschke, Parent

"Thank you for an awesome, inspiring week. We are an avid backpacking, camping family and I was very impressed." -Jody Lands, Parent

"Your program builds skills, confidence, competence and appreciation." -Stacy Rosoff, Parent

"Just want to thank you for being everything you advertised (and more) and everything I had hoped for in this particular camp experience for my daughters." -Ona Nowina-Sapinski, Parent

"I am truly impressed, no thrilled, to have found Trackers." -Jody Lands, Parent

"Tell us about our staff: they radiate serenity and competence." -Cathy, Parent

"This camp is seriously a FULL week of doings!" -Rebecca Hicks, Parent

"My child loves Trackers camps like no other camp! We cancelled some of our other camps this summer so she could have more Trackers!" -Gene Haliman, Parent

"I just loved that my daughter was getting to all the things I did as a child." -Parent

"This was her first time with Trackers. We were totally impressed by the camp and it's staff. That's the word around town - everyone raves about this camp experience." -Lolly Jamerson, Parent

"You rock, the energy is amazing." -Michelle Wirta, Parent

"I have to give a thanks up to June and staff from the Wilder Camp too. She took her campers to my Dad's (Storeybrook Stables). Dad was very impressed with how well behaved the childern were and how the staff took care of them." -Colleen Lwey, Parent

"Love the instructor/parent communication. Love the safety and adventure combo. Love the realism and fantasty combo." -Norwood, Parent

"Hands-on learning with a dose of humor." -Parent

"When my seven-year old son said to me, "Mom, Can I go to Trackers instead of college?" I knew that the incredible teachers at Trackers had an impact that was going to shape the rest of his life. Whatever makes you happy, my love!" -Parent

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