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Visit Days

Get to know our program by visiting for a day. Schedule your free visit now.

Visit Days

Schedule A Visit With Trackers

Visit Trackers Earth for the day

Free: Explore our programs, tour our sites, and meet our team of expert teachers. Experience first hand what our courses are like in the field, and pick up new skills along the way.

Each day provides a site tour, other activities are based on the season and instructor specialty. This could include a short hike to learn about wild edible plants or wildlife tracking, starting a fire without matches, or joining our current year-round students on their long-term projects.

Meet at the building at 8:45AM to leave at 9AM. Return at 3:30PM. If you’d like, you can bring a lunch and a bottle of water. Please check the weather forecast and dress appropriately.

Contact Us to setup an appointment during Summer 2018.

Due to our busy summer camp season, tours and visits are by appointment only. Tours happen at our Portland Headquarters space, and Visits may be arranged for on-site as available during the summer.

Visit Days for our 2019-20 class season start in October 2018.

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