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Winter Break Camps
Portland, Oregon

Join Trackers for epic Winter Break Camps!

Our award-winning camps offer fantastic activities in outdoor adventure and hands-on crafts. Connect friends while learning with expert Teachers and Guides. Choose from winter wilderness survival, farming, fishing, theatre magic, role-playing games, archery, snowshoeing, blacksmithing, and much more!


Outdoor Skills
Real Skills

Get real skills. Choose wilderness survival, farm craft, archery, fishing, art & more!


Voted Best Camp & After School with local families through parent magazines.

Expert Educators

We choose our experienced Teachers & Guides with intensive interviews & background checks.

Choose Your Camp

Our day camps offer fantastic onsite & transported options:


Trackers Basecamp

K-5 Onsite at drop-off location. Connect with friends and get new skills with expert Teachers. In the morning, create with hands-on arts and crafts. In the afternoon, play + move in Trackers Games. Then celebrate at our Campfire Assembly.

Transport Adventure

Trackers Adventure

K-5 & 6-12 Transported to epic lands. Discover adventure in the farms, meadows, and forests. Train wilderness survival & archery. Connect with farm animals & folk craft. Go boating & fishing. Share outdoor skills in role-playing stories.

Camp How-To


Day Schedule
8:30 AM Drop-off
9:00 AM Snack + Class Time (Art, Build, Play)
12:00 PM Lunch + Team Time
12:15 PM Epic Field Games + Campfire Assembly
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM Pick-Up

Conveniently found in local neighborhoods. Basecamps remain onsite for play both in and out of doors.


Daily Schedule

8:00 AM Drop-off @ Base
8:30 AM Journey of Trackers Bus to Wilderness
In the Wilds Explore the Wild with Outdoor Skills
3:00 PM Return of Trackers Bus to Base
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Pick-Up @ Base


Journey from our drop-off sites to epic wilderness locations! Transport occurs in buses or vans.

Extended Camp

7:30 AM Pre-Camp begins / 5:30 PM After Camp ends
Register for Extended Camp...

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