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Adult Programs


Trackers Skills - Online Adult Classes

Online adult classes taught by top Trackers Guides. Explore subjects like gardening, birding and botany, bushcraft skills like fire-building without matches, knot-tying, fishing, wild plant identification and more.

Bow Drill - Wilderness Survival

Outdoor Skills Courses


$95 One Day Family Basics (Ages 11- Adult) TBD
$95 One Day Basics TBD
$195 Knife Making Basics TBD

Wilderness Survival

$49 Wilderness Survival Basics TBD

Wild Plant Basics

$49 Wild Plant Basics TBD

Wood Craft

$49 Fire Woodworking: Bowls & Spoons Basics TBD

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Weekend & Year-Round Programs for Adults

Sept - May Wilderness Survival 1 weekend a month
Sept - May Homesteading 1 weekend a month
Sept - May Wildlife Tracking 1 weekend a month
Sept - May Archery 1 weekend a month
Sept - May Blacksmithing 1 weekend a month
Sept - May Knife & Axe Making 1 weekend a month

Sept - May Wilderness Instructor Training 3-days a week
Train the wilderness skills of an Outdoor Educator & Wilderness Survival Instructor.

Sept - May Forest School Teacher Training 3-days a week
Gain the core skills and essential principles for Forest School education and operations.

Youth Programs


Outdoor Adventure Days

For families when children are not in school.

Local schools may not be in session every weekday. Trackers is actively exploring options for outdoor adventure for families who need care in fall. Our final programming structure will be based on parents' needs, Oregon Health Authority guidelines, and staffing availability.

Options could include programs 1-3 days a week. Fill out our interest form at this link.


Trackers Forest School

Grades K - 8  Trackers Earth's full-time school. 

Now enrolling for the 2020-21 School Year!


PreK-K: Rovers Forest Days

Ages 5 Outdoor exploration, nature adventures & hands-on learning. Options Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.



Adventure days and specialty programs for skills such as blacksmithing and archery.

Archery Camp

Summer Camps

At Trackers we continue to plan for summer and registration is open. We look forward to welcoming families and campers in June. If there are any changes to these plans, we will notify families immediately. Please contact our team with any questions and read our Covid-19 update.



Sept - May Monthly mentoring weekends: wilderness survival, archery, homestead craft, kayaking, blacksmithing & more.

Tracker Online

Trackers Spark - Online Camps & Classes

Welcome to Trackers Kids online camps and classes. We are excited to bring our many, many years of educational and interactive camp experience to the online learning world. Through interactive, fun and social webinars, kids learn with trained Trackers Guides with role-playing game adventures, crafts, drawing, cooking and more.


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Community Events

Virtual Open House: Forest School

When: Tuesday, July 14th, 2020
Attend our Virtual Forest School Open House. Meet and talk with our teachers and Principal through video conference. Learn how our nature-first approach to education cultivates lifelong learning and resiliency.


OPEN Blacksmithing Forge

$15 Our OPEN Forge is available to prior students - Grade 5 to Adult on Thursdays. You use our blacksmithing workshop for your own projects.

Voted Best Camp

Trackers Earth Camps have won multiple awards from local parent magazines.

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