Featured Programs

Summer Camps
Summer Kayak
Summer Camp 2022
Select Camps still Available!
Grade K-12 Award-winning summer camps. Kids make friends while learning new skills.
Overnight Camps
Summer Overnight Camps
Real Camping & Outdoor Skills
Grade 4-5 & 6-12 Choose wilderness survival, farming, fishing, boating, or climbing!
Realms Adventures
Role-Playing Camps
New Sister Organization!
Grade 1-12 Become a Hero! Quest with Realms Adventures! Day & Overnight Camps.
Outdoor Homeschool
Weekday Adventure
1 day-a-week, seasonal Terms or full-year
Ages 7-11 Outdoor programs for Portland homeschool, independent study, and online charter school families.

2022-2023 Homeschool now Available!
**Flexible Payment Plans Available**
Weekend Apprenticeships
Outdoor Skills & Arts
1 weekend-a-month, Fall to Spring
Grade K-5 & 6-12 Choose wilderness survival, farming, fishing, boating, climbing, ceramics, woodworking, blacksmithing & more!

2022-2023 Apprenticeships now Available!
**Flexible Payment Plans**
Transported After School
Transported After School
5 days-a-week, seasonal terms or full-year
Grade K-5 We transport your child from school and they choose archery, games, arts, and more! Parents pick-up at Trackers HQ.

2022-2023 After School now Available!
**Flexible Payment Plans**