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Blacksmithing 2023-24
Classes & Courses - Portland, OR

Choose a single class, open forge or ongoing course. Learn the ancient art of working hot metal on the anvil! We taper, split, twist and punch steel to create art, jewelry, and functional tools. Come have fun and try your hand at the time-honored craft of blacksmithing. Learn all you need to begin manipulating and moving iron in true Maker fashion.

Explore Blacksmithing Programs!

Blacksmithing classes work as a lab, fostering individual attention to each participant. We offer several course levels: Basics, Immersion & Open Forge. Blacksmithing Basics or Immersion is a prerequisite for attending Open Forge.

This 1-day class cover the principles of tool use, shop safety, craftsmanship, proper form, art, and design with support from our expert Blacksmith.
1 weekend-a-month (Fall to Spring) Immerse yourself in the craft of blacksmithing. A year training with expert mentors by fire & forge.
Friday Evenings Our open forge provides students the opportunity to utilize equipment to hone newly acquired skills from classes.

Youth & Family Blacksmithing

We provide immersive youth blacksmith camps, year-long programs, and family-friendly sessions, all aimed at fostering creativity and hands-on learning experiences in metalworking. Camps offer young participants the opportunity to develop foundational skills, while our year-long programs cater to those seeking advanced techniques and mentorship. Families can also bond over the art of blacksmithing through our tailored sessions designed to accommodate an adult and one youth grade 5 and up.

1 adult + 1 youth (Grade 5 & up) share an anvil and learn the foundations of blacksmithing with our expert Blacksmith.
Blacksmith 1
Week Long Camp Become a metal bender! For beginners and experienced blacksmithing students. We supply materials and tools!
Blacksmith Camp

Anvil, Forge & Fire or Advanced

Grade 5-12 Learn the traditional craft of bending and shaping metal. Advanced level available!
Prereq for Advanced: Blacksmith Apprenticeship