Trackers After School Club
Crafts, Archery, Outdoors & Games

Trackers offers award-winning After School activities & adventures!

Grades K-5 Every day, kids connect with friends and choose their after-school activities. Led by experienced Trackers Guides, kids can craft hands-on projects in our pottery studio or woodworking shop, train in archery or martial arts, create characters for epic role-playing games, or explore the outdoors to connect with nature.

Choose 1-5 days per week. Convenient transportation options include Trackers school pick-up, PPS Bus service, and Parent-Led transport.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Trackers

Real Skills

For 20 years at Trackers, we take learning and play further. Our Studio classes teach real skills like archery, hand-crafts, role-playing games, blacksmith, and ceramics.


Voted Best After School Classes by Portland families through PDX Parent magazine. Trackers also won Best General & Outdoor Camp with local parent magazines.

Expert Educators

This program is led by expert teachers from our year-round staff. They are experienced educators compensated with wages and benefits exceeding the field.

Choose Trackers After School

Trackers After School offers creative opportunity and choice. Kids come together with friends to choose the Trackers Skills they want to explore. They can try something new each day or focus on one skill while learning from expert Trackers Guides.

Adventure... Every Day

Activities at Trackers After School are unparalleled. Nowhere else can you find the choices Trackers offers. Options include:

Nature Arts: Folk Crafts, Ceramics, Woodworking
Movement: Archery, Martial Arts, Kids Yoga
Outdoor Skills: Bushcraft, Campfire Cooking, Nature Exploration
Role-Playing Games: Tabletop, Theatre, LARPing

Our Team

Our mentoring team includes our top Trackers staff, featuring:

  • Expertise in mentoring and Trackers skills.
  • Low student-to-guide ratio facilitating personal, team-based learning.
  • Background checked with First Aid & CPR certification.
  • Trained in outdoor safety and the Trackers Earth curriculum.

Our Places

Our After School programs are conveniently located at both our NE and SE Portland sites. No matter where in our city you come from, adventure with Trackers Earth is never far away. Choose the Trackers HQ that best suits your family. For outdoor exploration, SE Portland may walk to Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, which is nearby, while both sites have access to local greenspaces and parks using our buses and vans.


Trackers After School offers three transportation options to Trackers HQ:

Trackers Transport: Trackers Picks up students at school and transports to our sites. Current schools we offer Trackers Transport - SE Trackers: Richmond, Woodstock, Abernethy, Le Monde, & Winterhaven*. NE Trackers: Alameda & Le Monde.

PPS Bus Service Provides flexibility for families choosing 1-5 days a week, depending on PPS bus service. These schools currently have PPS bus service to or near a Trackers site. Staff meet & check-in students right at the bus stop. Current PPS Bus Service Schools - SE Trackers: Llewellyn, Duniway, & Grout. NE Trackers: Buckman & Irvington.

Parent-Led Transport Many parents form a carpool from their school or utilize child-appropriate rideshares—often organized through the PTA.

* Winterhaven transport options have trained Trackers Guides walking students 10 minutes to our Trackers SE. This makes this program available as a 1 to 5 day a week option.

How-To Transport

If your school is already listed for registration simply register with the deposit. Don't see your school? Fill out our Transport After School Form or contact Family Success Team for help in choosing the best and most convenient transport option.

Transportation Interest

Registration is open for the following schools:

Trackers Transport (5 days a week): Richmond, Woodstock, Le Monde & Abernethy.
Trackers Walking (1 to 5 days a week): Winterhaven
PPS Bus Service (1 to 5 days a week): Llewellyn, Duniway, Grout

Fill Out The Form!

To enhance our 2024-25 Trackers After School Programs, we need your feedback to develop transportation solutions that meet your family’s needs. This survey allows us to jointly create more accessible after-school options. Please complete your school's survey and encourage other parents to do the same. This survey closes on May 10, 2024. Early responses are crucial for us to finalize transportation details well before the school year ends.

Don't see a form for your school? Please use the General Entry Transport form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Trackers pick up my child from school and transport them to afterschool programming?
Trackers offers transportation services for students from specific schools to our headquarters for after-school programming. These designated schools are located within a 15-minute radius of our headquarters and require a minimum of 8 students enrolled for all five weekdays. To view the list of eligible schools, please refer to the registration section above. If you require alternative transportation options, kindly refer to the Transportation section above or complete your school's Transport After School Survey above by May 10th.

Are there other transportation resources?
SchoolPool is an online tool to match parents and caregivers with other drivers from their school to share rides. Portland Bureau of Transportation's Safe Routes to School program can support schools in connecting with the tool. This tool does require getting your school's support in setting up. You can find more information here.

What if I don't need 5 days of after school?
Trackers provides flexible after-school enrollment options ranging from 1 to 5 days per week. Upon registering for your chosen school and submitting the deposit, our team will contact you to confirm the number of days you wish to enroll for, and we'll arrange your payment plan accordingly. It's important to note that transportation services offered by Trackers require a minimum enrollment commitment of 5 days per week.

Does my child need to pack a snack?
We encourage families to pack an after-school snack in your child’s backpack, as well as any necessary clothing or gear suitable for the day's weather. A reminder email containing program details, policies, and a brief packing list will be sent to families approximately one week prior to the start of the after-school program.

Do I have to notify Trackers that my child will be absent?
Yes, if your child is going to be absent from after school we asked that families let us know at their earliest convenience, especially if they use transportation from their school. Families can notify us by the following methods: email, call (503) 345-3312 or use our website's chat feature.

What if my child has a weekly appointment?
If your child will be absent regularly on a particular day, for safety reasons, we do still require to be notified of their absence each time.

Can I pick up my child early?
Yes, you are welcome to pick up your child whenever is necessary, however, to ensure your student is ready to go (and not out on an outdoor exploration) we ask to please let us know if you are picking your child up early. To notify us email, call (503) 345-3312 or use our website's chat feature.

Why do I have to pay full tuition when it's a short month of programming, like December or June?
After School payment plans break down the full tuition evenly over a 10 month period. School breaks, no school days and other factors are taken into consideration when setting our tuition. Having a set monthly tuition allows both families and Trackers a consistent budget throughout the school year and to maintain high quality programming.

What if we no longer need After School programming in June?
If you no longer need your child to attend After School in June, please notify us via email no later than May 1st. Withdrawals after May 1st will still be charged the remaining tuition for the month of May and June tuition as a cancellation fee.

What if I need to cancel our enrollment before the program ends?
The afterschool program requires an initial deposit at the time of enrollment, followed by ten monthly payments for the rest of the year. If you need to cancel the program midyear, please note that the deposit is non-refundable. However, we will stop the monthly payments 30 days after you notify us of your cancellation.

For example, if your child's last day will be November 30, inform us by October 31, and you will only be charged for November, not December. However, if you inform us on November 25, you will still be charged for December, but the payments will stop starting in January.

Will Trackers offer after school programming on Early Release Days?
Yes! Trackers is proud to say we will offer after school programming as planned for early release days. If we pick up your student from school, we will pick them up early. Parent-led transported students equally may drop off early those days for after school programming. PPS Early Release Dates: 9/25, 10/23, 11/20, 12/18, 2/26, 3/19, 4/23, 5/21

Have Questions?

For any questions, please feel free to contact our Family Success team.