School Year Programs
Weekend Apprenticeships & More!

Options include Monthly Weekend Apprenticeships or Weekday After School & Homeschool

Trackers Earth's long-term mentoring programs develop skills of outdoor leadership. Youth and teens discover their own connection to friends, nature, and community.


In our School Year programs, youth and teens find...

Friends & Social Connection

Guided by Trackers Educators, kids and teens discover lasting friendships and share outdoor adventures. Apprentices return year after year to study with friends and mentors.

Skills & Nature Connection

Students explore the outdoors and traditional crafts. Through hands-on discovery, they learn life lessons of resilience, thoughtfulness, and meaningful connections to the natural world.

Mentoring & Leadership

Apprenticeships cultivate leadership skills rooted in community and stewardship. Our Mentors are experienced educators, guiding students to take ownership of their own learning.

Outdoor Mentorship

Get Outdoors!
Monthly Weekends - Fall to Spring

ceramics kid

Crafts, Creativity & Fun!

Grade K-2 Find creativity with hands-on arts & crafts. Pottery, woodworking, art & more!

Forest Craft, Farming & Foraging

Grade K-1 Find friends. Learn nature skills: wilderness survival, farms, fishing & more.
Role-Playing Camp

Elves, Wizards & Dragons

Grade 2-5 / 6-12 Campaign in the Realms. Create your character. Learning fantastic skills.

Wilderness Survival, Wildcraft & Foraging

Grade 2-5 / 6-9 Train all Trackers Skills: wilderness survival, archery, farms, boats & fishing.
Weekend Apprenticeship

Wilderness Survival, Wildcraft & Foraging

Grade 6-12 Join your Trackers Team. Connect with friends. Train outdoor skills & leadership.
Wilderness Survival Camp

Stealth, Archery, Wilderness Survival

Grade 2-5 / 6-9 Learn with our Rangers Guild. Train stealth, archery & wilderness survival.

Bow, Arrow & Stealth

Grade 2-5 / 6-9 Mentoring in archery. Learn the way of the bow. Train with expert archers.
Summer Kayak

Fishing, Boats & Foraging

Grade 2-5 Take to the water. Learn Mariners skills: fishing, boating & foraging.
Paintball Arena

Awareness, Gameplay & Leadership

Grade 6-12 Expert paintball guides teach paintball and help you build your team.

Tools, Carving & Craft

Grade 2-5 Intensive Woodworking course. Build and carve in hands-on woodworking projects.
Pottery Camp

Ceramics, Wheel & Fire

Grade 3-5 / 5-12 Our intensive ceramics course. Sculpt clay. Fire your works in our kiln.
Blacksmith Camp

Anvil, Forge & Fire

Grade 5-12 Forge iron by fire! Discover blacksmithing skills with our expert Mentors.

Knives, Axes & More

Grade 6-12 Program focusing on making edged tools: arrowheads, knives, axes & more!

Welding, Casting & Smelting

Grade 6-12 Advanced blacksmithing. Plus, welding, smelting, & casting! Prereq: Blacksmith After School/Apprenticeship

School Day Programs

Outdoor Kindergarten - After School - Homeschool


Forest Craft, Farming & Foraging

Ages 5-6 Find friends. Learn nature skills: wilderness survival, farms, fishing & more.

Weekly Outdoor Adventures

Age 6-8 / 9-12 Forest homeschool: wilderness survival, archery, boats, crafts & more! Realms Homeschool option also available!
After School Bus
Grade K-1 / 2-5 We pick-up from designated schools or you can self transport. Includes archery, folk craft, martial arts, role-playing games & outdoor skills. Art Studio single day classes available. *self transport options available.