Village Immersion

Learn wilderness survival, wild foods foraging, fishing, boating, and more! A monthly outdoor skills learning community with parents, teachers, and seniors.

Help build a village of mentoring with Trackers and beyond! Share your outdoor experience with future generations. Discover how to implement Trackers Earth’s truly unique methods for education and teaching with the natural world. Help kids navigate real challenges, contribute to community, and develop the grit they need to connect to nature and save the world!

A weekend immersion program for your schedule.
Featuring 4 seasonal campouts and 6 monthly fields days.

Join the Trackers Village! Reconnect with nature while learning outdoor skills to share with your family, students, and friends. This is more than a class, together we create a mentoring village of outdoor enthusiasts, parents, educators, and seniors.

Trackers Elements

With expert Trackers Guides and a fellowship of like-minded colleauges, the Trackers Village Immersion teaches these core elements:

Wilderness Survival & Forest Craft Learn skills of shelter building, lighting fire with no matches, and more while immersed in the arts of wilderness survival. Develop focus with archery and practice woodworking for forest craft.

Tracking & Wayfinding Train in the ancient art of tracking and nature awareness. Follow wildlife into their own world as you trail elk, bobcat, fox, and more! Hone your orienteering and navigation skills by compass, map, and natural methods.

Foraging & Outdoor Cooking Delve into the incredible world of edible plants. Learn skills of identification and safe harvest of wild foods. Master campfire cooking outdoors by using ducth ovens, local foods, and your own creativity.

Homesteading & Folk Craft Get hands-on experience in crafts of woodworking, basketmaking, and even cheese making. Tend to the Wilders Garden, discovering a world where wild plants grow around our homes and our gardens grow with the wild forest.

Fishing & Boating Fish using different styles and techniques. Seek out other aquatic foods such as crayfish, bullfrogs, and more! Get experience paddling and playing on the water. Practice essential water safety and rescue skills.

Mentoring & Nature Connection

Mentoring is at the heart of our program. We get to the know the land like it's family while sharing epic stories around the campfire. Together we can build a village that cultivates a deep connection to community and place for every generation.


All program days take place at epic, local wilderness sites. Trackers provides a free shuttle service leaving from our primary urban location.

Overnight Campouts In Fall, Spring, and Summer overight campouts are primarily tent camping at our private sites. In winter the overnight is at a cabin based site.

Saturday Field Days Typically sites are under 1 hour of Portland. Some coastal foraging and fishing sites may be further.

Our Guides

Along with top Trackers Guides, every Expedition is led by Edan Kahane, Trackers Immersion Director with Tony Deis, Trackers Founder, and additional leading Trackers experts.

Edan Kahane Growing up in New York, Israel, Indiana, North Carolina, and Massachusetts, Edan is a born explorer. He has studied and worked as an outdoor leader and educator since his early twenties. After earning his Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago, Edan began with Trackers Portland in 2016 as a high level guide. He served as a founding teacher in our 3 day-a-week Forest School and as the Trackers Bay Area Regional Director. Returning to Portland he became Director of Field Operations, and is now the Primary Guide and Manager at Trackers Immersion, leading in its high-level mentoring curriculum. Edan is passionate about sharing his years of experience studying tracking, wilderness skills, and leading edge educational methods into our premier outdoor experience.

Tony Deis Tony is the founder of Trackers Earth. After reading Waldon he left high school when he was 14 years old to train in the arts of awareness, forest-craft skills, primitive skills, and tracking. Tony believes that kids are far more capable than the modern world allows. He fosters the opportunity for them to be given greater freedom and greater responsibility so that they can create a better and more wild world. He stewards Trackers as though it were an extension of his large Italian family. Every member is responsible for creating a better world for the other members to live and bring new members into.

Additional Guides are directly chosen based on extensive experience in outdoor programming, speciality skillsets, and seasoned expertise.

Guild Elements

Our programs divide into the specialties of our Four Guilds: Rangers, Wilders, Mariners & Artisans.

Rangers Guild

Wilderness Survival & Forest Craft
Carving & Camp Craft
Animal Tracking & Hunting Skills

Wilders Guild

Farm Craft & Homesteading
Wild Craft & Wild Plants
Land Restoration & Regeneration

Mariners Guild

Fishing & Water Foraging
Outdoor Sports & Traversing
Expeditionary Travel & Adventure

Artisans Guild

Stealth & Fitness
Artisan Crafts & Media
Mythmaking & Storytelling

About Trackers

We help children feel like that group of kids wandering country backyards 50 years ago: independent, tired, muddy, wet, and happy from the woods and wild. Through our many years in education, we are acutely aware of the real hazards of the outdoors. We work to keep kids safe but not encapsulated from, nor phobic of what is wild. We believe children need to develop ever increasing independence, competency, and capacity in nature—not only for their own connection and fulfillment but also to contribute to their families, future generations, and the more-than-human world. We believe it is okay to be thirsty at times, cold at times, and wet at times. This builds empathy and care for the gifts of life, fostering true adventure and genuine accomplishment. We also believe it is critical for children to feel supported and cared for as they explore their passion for service and responsibility. And through a healthy life found in nature connection, they can test their limits and discover the great potential of the often untapped physical grit and emotional resilience they possess.