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Wilderness Survival Basics
Shelter, Water, Fire, Food

Join this 8-hour comprehensive introduction into Wilderness Survival!

Explore the fundamentals of outdoor safety and survival. Cover the basics needed to stay safe and comfortable in the wilderness. Discover the deeper connection to nature found through bushcraft and forest crafts skillsets. Expert instructors will guide you through hands-on experiences in building shelters, lighting fires, harvesting water, and foraging for wild foods.


Wilderness Survival Basics

This 1-day program introduces essential outdoor skills. Learn the fundamentals of wilderness survival and outdoor safety in a comfortable learning community. Led by expert Trackers Guides, get hands-on, active training in the following:

Shelter: Explore the principles of shelter, from choosing the right site to construction techniques. Learn how the right clothing can serve as your primary shelter in various weather conditions, emphasizing the importance of 'wearing your shelter'.

Water: Review different techniques for locating and safely treating water sources. Understand the importance of water in survival scenarios and how to ensure its proper use.

Wild Foods Foraging: Delve into the art of harvesting wild foods, enhancing your survival skills and deepening your connection with nature by learning to forage seasonally.

Forest Craft Fire: Discover methods for lighting fires in challenging weather conditions. Learn about various fire-starting techniques, including friction fire, without matches.

Interested in an intensive 9-month program? Consider our Wilderness Survival Immersion, 1 weekend a month, from Fall to Spring!

Our Team

Our mentoring team includes our top Trackers staff featuring:

  • Expertise in mentoring and Trackers skills.
  • Low student-to-guide ratio facilitating personal, team-based learning.
  • Background checked, with First Aid & CPR certifications.
  • Trained in outdoor safety and the Trackers Earth curriculum.