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Archery Training

Become a woodland archer and learn the Way of the Bow. Train with expert instructors from our Rangers Guild. Work together in teams, make new friends and master archery skills.

Visit local ranges, including our private indoor and outdoor sites. Develop focus, accuracy and grace through the foundations of archery. Go beyond the range and get into the forest-training the arts of stealth and awareness. Engage in archery challenges and games to improve your skills. Learn to care for your bow so your arrow always flies true.

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Gracie came home very tired, incredible dirty and when I asked her if she had a good day... I got a very sleepy thumbs up. I would say that is a resounding endorsement. I really love the Trackers camp. The check in is simple and quick, the staff is friendly and most of all my daughter has a blast. Yes I am a little nervous when I send her off to shoot arrows, light fires and explore nature in the elements all day... but I know she is having an amazing experience with skilled and smart guides.
-Katie, Parent

Fiona is very enthusiastic about learning her new skills, both archery and stealth. She is eager to learn more
-Cathleen Corrie, Parent

Ian loved his week with the Archery Adventure. My son is not overly demonstrative but every day when I picked him up, we would walk home and on the way he would walk in the shadows, jump over railings and climb most everything in his path. He proudly packed his knife in the morning and not one cut came home. Drew, the groups leader, had an infectious enthusiasm about him and he appeared fun but in control.
-Michael, Parent

Very happy boy today. Made some friends and talked 40 miles a minute about what a great time he had-right up til he passed out in the car ;) well done guys, well done! The only other time he's crashed in the car was last year, coming home from Trackers.
-Triana, Parent

This is a general, not daily, story. Josh LOVES this camp. He has never before liked a camp nor chosen to attend one. Ever. I signed him up for Trackers last week (cooking and survival) and he asked if he could go again this week. I really don't know how to make it clear just how shocked (and happy) we were. You are all doing an incredible job. He likes both Jess, his instructor last week, and Ryan this week, and he thought that Casey, the leader last week, was wonderful. He came home brimming with stories about Casey's stories and songs. Thank you
-Mandy, Parent

Favorite thing today - Archery range shooting at targets.
-Kim Brater, Parent

Irie is loving making a bow. She likes to work hard and looks forward to it every day. She's been fighting a head cold all week and when I suggested she stay home one day, she nearly cried. Fiona is very sweet and Irie is also loving the bonus of being with Elaine.
-Sarah Page, Parent

Sydney has been enjoying camp all week. First timer at trackers. Great experience. Came home tired and happy.
-Kerry Sovde, Parent

Liam loved making and using his arrow. He especially loves anything to do with stealth
-Danielle Lancaster, Parent

Bow Building and Archery: Finn has been happy and excited all week. He has such a sense of accomplishment about building his bow. Every day he comes home and describes in great detail what new steps he has done and what he learned thru the day. His counselors have been very supportive and encouraging and it shows
-Shannon Bromenschenkel, Parent

Sadie had a blast and really enjoyed her instructors. She would like to do a split camp though like 1/2 archery and 1/2 paintball. She thought camouflage techniques were just great. She had great fun and would whole heartedly recommend Trackers.
-Kelly Schoen, Parent

The positive was that I got to go to Trackers. I like my instructors because they are better than real professional archers. I think Dustin is a really cool instructor and helps me a whole lot." The "Challenge" was because Copper was challenged to play to a higher level. This was a good thing and he is happy about it.
-Lorie Linn, Parent

Kaeden has really enjoyed camp this week and can not wait to attend another one! He's super excited to see who wins thee golden bow.
-Nicole, Parent

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