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Family Archery Session

Do you want to introduce your family and children to archery? This is your opportunity for a basic introduction to the sport that is family orientated. The family archery session takes place the first Saturday of every month.

Train with the family

A truly family focused course. Our lessons are centered around building skill with all members of the family so they can support one another in development of skills.

Parents gain useful tips for working with kids and improving their self-confidence, along with advice on purchasing and caring for your family archery gear.

Kids get time at the range and instruction on focus and accuracy with our trained archery mentors. We begin with the basics of "nock, draw, loose" and move onto form and tips to develop balanced strength with a bow and arrow.

All ages are welcome and encouraged, though we request that parents prep older children to be patient with younger family members as they learn.

How it works

Parents are free. You use Trackers bows and other tackle, but you are welcome to bring your own. Plus, stay for one hour of additional shooting on the open archery range after the first hour of the course.

Range instructors offer an introduction to basic form and range safety and etiquette. Finally we "loose" as many arrows on the range as possible. Each shooter gets individual feedback and mentoring from range instructors. Parents are encouraged to be hands-on in helping their children build confidence in handling a bow. We have parents right there at the line with us, offering support for new archer and taking their own opportunity to shoot.

Core Archery Courses

Archery Training Basics
This is 7-hour course serves as inspiration and introduction into the world of archery and equipment care. It teaches the basic skills required for our Rangers Guild: Archery Arc 1 and beyond.
8-month Archery Training Immersion
1-weekend a month immersed in the sport and art of archery. Our instructors provide expert coaching in archery fundamentals while bridging into more advanced skills.

Specialty Archery Courses

Bow Making Basics
This course covers crafting your own bow out of locally harvested materials and how to hew wood with simple blades and knives.

Open Archery Range

Open Range Our indoor archery range in Portland, Oregon is often open to the public for open shooting. Entry is $5 per person. Respect for the turns and varying skill level of other shooters is required. Go here for current hours.