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Trackers Earth: 2015 Camp Reviews

My son LOVES his Forest Ninjas camp. He's come home happy and excited every day, and talks about his experiences until bedtime. He's done things he's never done before, and it's given him a broader sense of himself as a growing, maturing, and capable young man. We'll definitely be doing more Trackers camps in the future.
-Matt Hannafin, Parent

He loved meeting new friends and try his fishing luck at the water places his instructors took him to. He caught a fish the 1st or 2nd day and was really excited about it. The other days he learned that you always don't catch a fish when you go fishing, a very good lesson to learn when fishing. :) Great instructors and staff. My son loves going to camp at Trackers and learning about the environment and surviving outdoors. I, as a parent, love that he is learning about something that he can take with him in life. Great program!!!!
-Gavin McGarry, Parent

Bella and Abby are having a blast!!!! they are sad today is the last day of their camp!!!
-Michelke, Parent

Everett was fully engaged in all the activities of the week -- coming home dirty and excited to share details of what he learned and saw. He loved learning survival and wilderness skills, getting better at being stealthy and seeing a variety of animals and insects. The teachers offered kind and observant feedback and really seemed to connect with Everett
-Alexis Abrams, Parent

Soren had a great week. He was excited each day to go and had positive reports of activities. He really like the archery in the after camp, he loved dressing in camo(mud) was thrilled with carving
-Maggie, Parent

She really enjoys camp. When she was in school, it was really hard to get any information out of her. But at Trackers, she tells us about all the cool stuff she does!
-Benjamin Chan, Parent

The boys are having a great time this week!! I thought nothing could compare to Forest Ninja camp, but they say this one ties for the best! They love playing with the ducklings and baby chickens, building a fire and cooking their own biscuits! They have also enjoyed foraging for berries and the other activities.
-Sabrina, Parent

Marisa raved about her day today, including stories by Emma on the bus ride. She talked about building a fort, and described the process, and carving and throwing pine cones at another team.
-Jennifer, Parent

Had an amazing time and thought that Zack was hilarious and the whole experience was very fun. We are so excited for the rest the week! He gave the camp three triple thumbs up!
-Kara Kraft, Parent

Both of our girls were so excited after camp today they could not stop talking about what they experienced. They learned a LOT of information separately about plants (edible and non-edible) and shelter. I really appreciate the experience they are having. Thank you!
-Amy McGeachy, Parent

Cedar had so much fun today, and is excited for tomorrow. I really appreciated the organization at drop off and pick up, and found it especially helpful Addison was quick to engage him in the am. This made drop off smooth and easy. Cedar is looking forward to practicing fire building, and making tools this week.
-Jamie Burke, Parent

He was so happy when I picked him up. "I had a great day. I tried lots of things today. Trackers is great." He has already spontaneously shared a bunch of things he learned
-Tanya, Parent

Willa is bursting full of stories about pirates EVERY DAY. "Did you know, mom, that pirates are actually really clean?" "Those wizards REALLY have magic! They made the compass say east is west!" "Pirates love water even more than treasure!" She is thrilled to go every day. Thank you!!!
-Amy, Parent

They both are loving camp. The first day we had to spend about an hour at home finding the right clothes for the next day so they could hide in the forest better. They loved making their bows and staffs and really felt pride in peeling the bark with their own hands. This is the perfect camp for my kids.
-Kelly DuLong, Parent

My girls have had a blast at the farm and berry camps! The first day was challenging (especially getting over some anxiety about peeing in the woods), but each day they came home bursting with stories of the exciting things they did at camp. I can see them becoming more confident and comfortable letting go of the bumps and scratches of tromping through the woods and LOVING the animals, dirt and plants. They are so excited to be outside and learning about different plants. I appreciate the instructors' patience with their anxieties and sibling friction.
-Cindy Kanies, Parent

He was very excited to go fishing! He was even more excited to hold fish guts. I was excited his teacher didn't let him bring them home, to his dismay. He really enjoyed this fishing camp. He learned a lot and had a great time.
-Becky, Parent

Both of the girls have come home full of stories about their day and the adventures they've had. They love all the outdoor experiences and I'm so glad that they're enjoying nature instead of sitting inside. Much appreciated!
-Taryn McCauley, Parent

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