Wildlife Tracking Basics

This course serves as an introduction in animal tracking.

Train the ancient art of animal tracking. Learn to see more wildlife in the woods. Experienced trackers teach you how to identify, trail, and find animals.

Wildlife Tracking

Tracking significantly changes how we see nature. The lives of animals are revealed by the tracks they leave behind. Get hands-on experience interpreting wildlife sign, following animals across any ground, and even catching up with wildlife by listening to bird calls and alarms.

Practice exercises to improve your senses, mindfulness, and the detail you perceive. Think like a detective, developing strategies to solve previously hidden puzzles and riddles of the forest.

How It Works

We shuttle you (no car needed) from our SE Portland Headquarters to explore and learn in our private 331-acre wildlife refuge in Sandy, Oregon. You start by identifying basic tracks and move onto trailing through a maze of trails woven by elk, bear, deer, and more. At the end of our adventure we travel back home to discuss and review what we found.

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