On-Site Overnight Accommodation

For an additional fee ($130) students can register for overnight accommodations at the Camp Trackers site. Participants can bring their own tent or sleep in our weatherport tents on raised wooden platforms (each weatherport sleeps 10).

Overnight accommodations at Camp Trackers

Tent camping with your own tent or in our canvas platform tents checking in on April 11th and checking out after class on April 19th.

Please Note There are portable toilets, outdoor hand washing stations, and limited camping shower facilities All Students are responsible for their own breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

General Course Description

Wilderness Medicine Training Center International’s Wilderness First Responder course exceeds the minimum WFR Scope of Practice guidelines established by the Wilderness Medicine Education Collaborative. When you have successfully completed WMTC’s standard WFR course, you receive a WMTC WFR certification card; the card acknowledges that you have successfully demonstrated the skills presented during your course according to the practice guidelines. You will also receive a WMTC Epinephrine certification card confirming that you have been taught how to treat anaphylaxis with injectable epinephrine; some states require an epinephrine certification to permit you to carry and use epinephrine for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis. And, you will receive a WMTC Adult & Child/AED Wilderness CPR certification.


You may recertify via a WMTC WFA, WAFA, WFR & WEMT Recertification, or by taking the course again. You must recertify before your certification expires; there is no grace period.If you hold a current EMT certification or license, you may upgrade to a Wilderness EMT certification if you successfully complete the WMTC online WEMT exams within two months of the end of your WFR. Login information and directions will be sent to you via email from WMTC prior to or upon completion of your course. If you do not receive the login information for your online exams within a week of completing the WFR course, please contact WMTC.

In order to recertify your WEMT and remain certified as a WEMT, you must have a current NREMT certification or state EMT license. Course tuition includes instruction, our water-proof, tear-resistant field manual the Wilderness Medicine Handbook, our Patient SOAP notes and, if you have registered to upgrade to a WEMT, access to the WEMT online exams. You will need to download and read a copy of the WMTC student handbook (access link will be emailed upon registration or is viewable on the WMTC webpage).

Standard WFR Lab Description