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Woodcarving Basics in Portland, Oregon

Blades are the foundational tools of Wilderness Survival and Forest Craft. They carve, split, and chew away at wood. They are used to skin, butcher, and even hunt. A Ranger’s blade can be steel, stone, and also bone.

Safety begins with choosing the right tool for the job and selecting your materials well. Different blades have different uses. Blades for Forest Craft include knives, saws, axes, and more. Each of these tools serves their own purpose. Get hands-on, project based experience with tool selection, grips and cuts for each class.

About our Rangers Guild

These classes  are  taught by our Rangers Guild. The life of a Ranger has an edge like a blade, and that edge must always be sharp and ready. In Forest Craft, our lives can be dependent on the blades we carry.

Knife Basics Learn the fundamental  skills of carving with the Ranger’s primary tool: a simple forest craft knife. Focus on safety, stances, grips, and function of cuts.

Family Knife Basics Take Knife Basics with your child. Parent must register and attend with child, price is per participant. For ages 9 and up.

Spoon Carving Basics Use simple bladed tools to make a work of camp-craft and utensil  art. Learn about wood selection, roughing greenwood, finishing, and even simple engraving. We also cover the use of hooked knives for hollowing out the bowl of the spoon.

Axe Basics Train to use an axe safely. From splitting to carving, we work with a simple forest axe to improve your woodworking capacity.

Sharpening Basics Stay sharp. Cover the basics of sharpening, care, storage, and etiquette of bladed tools.