$49 - Outdoor Basics Series

Survival, Plants, Woodcraft

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Wilderness Survival & Outdoor Skills

Develop the foundations for skills in wilderness survival, wild foods and woodcraft. Learn to find shelter, forage for wild plants, track animals, use a bow and arrow and much more. Trackers Earth's adult educators lead action-packed camps with hands-on Outdoor and Forest Craft skills. Students also connect with like-minded peers, learning together in a community.

$49 Outdoor Basics Portland

Time 9 AM - 4 PM
Location Meet at our Portland HQ, we provide a shuttle out to our wilderness sites.

Most programs are $49 for the day, unless otherwise noted.

$49 Wilderness Survival Basics Stay safe in the wilderness and outdoors. With expert instructors, you learn the priorities of basic survival: shelter, water, fire and staying found. Begin developing long-term wilderness living skills: wild edibles, foraging, camp craft and animal tracking*.

$49 Wild Plant Basics Learn to harvest and preserve the bounty of the wild. Develop vital identification skills while getting to know important local plants. We always focus on gathering for safety, sustainability and self-sufficiency. Start stocking your larder and setting the table with a little taste of the wild.

$49 Fire Woodworking: Bowls & Spoons Learn to use fire to make coal burned containers. Woodworking with fire is an ancient technique predates history. It is one of the most efficient ways to make containers for woodcraft. Students leave the class with their own wood bowls and spoons which they start.

Other Programs

The following programs are traditional skills beyond our Outdoor Basics Series.

$95 Blacksmithing Basics 9 AM - 4 PM - Train specific techniques of working metal: taper, drawing, scrolling, twisting, splitting and more. Projects begin with with the classic S-hook and move on from there. Proper hammer strokes, stance, forge etiquette, and safety are emphasized during all blacksmithing classes. Program takes place at the Trackers Annex in SE Portland.

$95 Knife Making Basics 2-day, 9 AM - 4 PM each day - Prerequisite: Blacksmithing Basics - This 2-day workshop guides you through the knife making process resulting in a knife worth carrying. We address blade forming, you forge yours while we also cover the stock removal method. From there, we move onto edging, tempering, forming a tang, and crafting a handle. Program takes place at the Trackers Annex in SE Portland.

*Please Note Campfires are often an important part of our curriculum and we respect if a local fire ban is placed due to changing weather conditions. If this occurs, we may adapt our programming using alternatives, such as camp stoves.

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