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Summer of Survival

Camp for Adults

Our Summer of Survival offers all the authentic qualities of summer camp, but for adults! Spend your time outdoors connecting with fantastic people and learning ancient outdoor skills.

The Skills

The Summer of Survival immerses you in the skills of Trackers Craft: Wilderness Survival, Tracking, Stealth or Archery.

Wilderness Survival Train skills of shelter, fire with no matches, and wild plants while immersed in the arts of wilderness survival. Learn knife carvinng skills and woodworking.

Tracking Delve into the amazing world of wildlife by practicing to become master trackers. Learn to stay safe and found in the outdoors while following trails of deer, elk, bobcat, and more.

Stealth Study the art of stealth, known as the Curriculum of Shadows. Learn ancient skills that teach awareness and camouflage to become invisible with the forest.

Archery Develop archery for stealth and practical wilderness skills. Use traditional wood bows and even learn on modern archery sets such as composite, take-down and compound.

The Camp

Learn with the experienced mentors of Camp Trackers in Sandy, Oregon. In this epic forest in the foothills of Mt. Hood we track herds of elk, go fishing in our private pond and train at the archery range nearly every day!

Together we create a village and community. We cook food in our outdoor, wood-fired kitchen with Roman, our Gourmet Camp Chef. Every evening is a celebration where we work on crafts such as baskets, learn night time stealth and survival skills, or sit by the campfire swapping stories as we sample adult beverages brewed locally.

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