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Scholarship Application and Payment Plan Information

Important Scholarship Application Information

Trackers Earth believes in providing opportunities for children to attend our programs in cases of true financial hardship. We are committed to serving as many families as possible; however, scholarship funds are limited. Typical awards range from 20% - 50% of the non-discounted program tuition with further consideration given based on financial need. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, awards are limited to one week of camp per participant.

Please be aware that many programs fill early and we cannot guarantee an award or placement in a specific program. To reserve a space in the program of your choice, consider signing up for one or our monthly payment plans. Payment plans may be adjusted at a later date if your family is awarded a scholarship.

Scholarship awards are limited. We make every effort to prioritize our avaiable funds to the First-Round Scholarship applications—it is reccomend applying early.

How It Works

Option 1 First-Round Scholarships First-Round Scholarships have a specific application timeline. To be eligible, you must apply before the date listed for each program (below). While not guaranteed, First-Round Scholarships are more likely to be awarded over the Rolling Scholarship option (Option 2).

Option 2 Rolling Scholarships On rare occasion parents awarded First-Round Scholarships do not utilize all their available funds. We then add these funds our Rolling Scholarship pool. If you apply after the deadline for First-Round Scholarships, you are eligible for Rolling Scholarships. Important details for Rolling Scholarships:

  • With Rolling Scholarships, you may not recieve any response if no funds become available.
  • Many Rolling Scholarships will be program specific, depending on available room the following week.
  • Since many Rolling Scholarships are offered the Saturday or Sunday before summer camp begins (Monday), the acceptence window is short. You must respond quickly before we offer it to another prospective family.

Summer 2017

First-Round Scholarships Scholarship applications are accepted through March 15 for the following summer. Scholarship recipients will be notified of awards via email by April 1.

Rolling Scholarships Apply for Rolling Scholarships after April 1.

After School, Homeschool, Apprenticeship Programs, Forest School

First-Round Scholarships Scholarship applications are accepted through August 1 for the following fall. Scholarship recipients will be notified of awards via email by August 15.

Rolling Scholarships Apply for Rolling Scholarships after August 1.

Please apply early for the best possibility of an award. (Scholarships may be considered during the year depending on funds available.)

Payment Plans

Flexible monthly payment plans for our 2017 Summer Camps will be available through March 31st, 2017. More information can be found here. All 2017-2018 school year programs will be billed monthly.

Location (Choose one)

Select the program for which you are applying for financial aid (Choose one; See application deadlines above)