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Woodworking After School

Working With Our Hands

In today's world kids and teens rarely get the opportunity to work with their hands. To build a relationships with tools, with wood and their own creativity. To feel pride in a job well done.

Our woodworking courses exist to provide these opportunities. Students choose from a range of age and experience appropriate woodworking projects. With the guidance of Artisan Guild instructors they learn to safely use the right tools to build and create fantastic art and craft.

Different sessions feature different themes:

Woodcarving Basics
This class covers use of a carving knife to make greenwood craft projects such as a spoon. We start with the 8 Blades which are essential principles of safety, competency and care. Get hands-on, project based experience with tool selection, grips and cuts for each. We also address the basics of tool sharpening, care, storage and etiquette.


This class is good for both beginning and intermediate students. The small class size allows for individual attention to development of each student.