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Birthday Parties and Special Events

Celebrate a birthday party or special event at Trackers. Options include our indoor archery range, paintball and more. Party dates are available on Sundays.

Archery Party

Guests have their own party area and ongoing access to the open archery range. Friendly and experienced range instructors assist everyone in safely using our archery gear. We provide archery gear and welcome all levels! Best suited for children ages 7 and above. You also get a party area with tables and chairs where you can open presents and have food or cake.

90 minutes. Spend any of that time between our archery range and your party area. Typically Sundays with evenings available on request.

Tuition $149 for 10 guests with $20 per additional guest
Our Awesome Location!

4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, Oregon

Use the form below to schedule your party

Paintball Party

We provide the markers, paintballs, all safety gear, and transportation to and from Trackers to the paintball fields. Experienced leaders provide thoughtful instruction with exciting scenarios. Best suited for children ages 11 and above.

6 hours total
$895 for 9 guests with $95 per additional guest
Drop-off at 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, Oregon with transport to available paintball field

Email Us to schedule your party 

*When scheduling youth parties, number of guests include youth participants while guardians do not necessarily participate in all activities to help guide group.

Contact Us to Learn More

Give us a call (503) 345-3312

Expansion Themes

The following 6-hour Expansion Themes become subject to instructor availability and season. Expansion themes start at $895 for up to 9 guests with each additional guest $95. If you want to further customize a theme beyond what you see below (for example Zombie Paintball) we charge an secondary development fee of $87 with possible additional materials fees. Contact us for more information.

Morning Fishing Expedition
Grade 1 & up We lead an early morning fishing trip with your friends. All persons 14 years or older must have in possession a valid Oregon angling license.
Zombie Survival Training
Grade 2 & up Learn essential skills to survive the zombie apocalypse with style.
Kayak Adventure
Limited to 12 guests, Grade 5 & up Take to the water in our traditional skin-on-frame kayaks.

Youth Only*

*Though if grown-ups are interested, we can discuss.

The School of Magic
Grade 1 & up Attend the Trackers School of Magic. Save the world with an adventure.
Realms of Cascadia
Grade 1 & up Create your character. Become a wizard, elf, ranger or more.
Forest Ninja
Grade 1 & up Train with martial arts experts. Learn skills of stealth and awareness.
Stealth, Archery and Wilderness Survival
Grade 1 & up Train the arts of our Rangers Guild.