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Trackers Golden Ticket

Summer Camp Gift Certificate

Will your child discover a Golden Ticket to Trackers Camp as a gift this Holiday Season?

One Golden Ticket entitles your child to attend Trackers Camp the following summer. The Golden Ticket is printed on golden paper and can be sent to any child in any neighborhood in Portland. To any home where kids love the outdoors and adventures.

This isn't an ordinary camp. A week at Trackers contains mystic and marvelous surprises that will entrance, delight, intrigue, astonish, and perplex beyond measure! See our summer camp schedule here.

Camp Discounts

Super Early Discount Save 15% off all camps. Ends December 19, 2018
Early Discount Save 10% off all camps. Ends March 6, 2019

Option 1 Give with Camp Registration

Choose your camp and request to receive a free Golden Ticket as a holiday gift. If you have already signed up for a 2019 Summer Camp, you are still eligible. Please use the contact form below to request your ticket.

  1. Sign up for summer camps, then
  2. Use the form below to request your Golden Ticket by noon December 19, 2018*

Option 2 Give as a Holiday Gift Certificate

Not ready to choose a camp? Pay a base deposit and request a Golden Ticket. Then decide by May 1, 2019 which camp you will attend and still get the super early discount rate with your deposit.

  1. Sign up for a Discount Deposit, then 
  2. Use the form below to request your Golden Ticket by noon December 19, 2018*

*If the Golden Ticket does not arrive by December 21, 2018, please give us a call.

Golden Ticket Request Form