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Homeschool Arts & Crafts Classes

Portland, Oregon

Through our catalog of courses students can explore archery, martial arts, blacksmithing, and more.

3 Reasons to choose Homeschool Arts & Crafts

All Ages

Our programs start with grade and offer options all the way through middle and high school.


Voted Best After School classes with portland parents through PDX Parent magazine.

Expert Educators

Our educators are experts in their craft. Our ratios are 1 teacher to 12 students for personal instruction.

How It Works

Register for an 10-week seasonal term. Choose your classes and create a schedule between 1-5 days. Class begins at 12:30 PM and pick-up is at 2:15 PM at our SE Portland HQ (4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue) or our Annex only 3 blocks away.


Pay a $50 non-refundable deposit for each day in the 10-week term.
Complete the remaining tuition in a 3-month payment plan, with the first payment due 2-weeks before term.

We offer multi-day discounts for families (not applicable for Homeschool Adventure programs):

Multi-Day Discount
2-day registration - 5% discount 4-day registration - 15% discount
3-day registration - 10% discount 5-day registration - 20% discount
Additional Discounts
Full-payment - additional 5% discount

Course Catalog

Program Themes

Days Available
Choose 1-5
Regular Total
for 10 Weeks
Art of Nature
Create nature-based arts and crafts. Plus, get outdoors, adventuring in nearby Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.
Ages 4-6 Fall - M, T, W, Th, F $195
Kids Woodworking
Hands-on woodworking projects for younger grades. Learn safe tool use. Take home what you build.
Ages 5-7 Fall - T $235
Archery Team
Join our Archery Team! Learn with expert instructors at our indoor range. We supply all the gear.
Ages 7-16 Fall - T, W, Th $225
Martial Arts
Train fun and practical martial arts. Challenge yourself with parkour and free-running skills.
Ages 7-11 Fall - Th $195
Study the principals of photography. Use Digital SLRs, tablets, and even drones to fly high into the sky.
Ages 8-13 Fall
Not currently available
Woodworking Shop
Handcraft projects for both art and function. Develop the foundations of traditional woodworking.
Ages 9-17 Fall
Not currently available
Table Top Games
Create your character. Use your imagination. Quest through role-playing games for dragons through dungeons.
Ages 8-16 Fall - F $195
Ceramics Studio
Learn the ancient art of pottery. Coil and sculpt clay. Turn it on the wheel. Fire your works in our kiln.
Ages 9-17 Fall - W $245
Blacksmith Shop
Apprentice in blacksmithing with our expert mentors. Bend metal with forge, fire, and hammer.
Ages 9-17 Fall - W, Th $315
Blacksmith Shop: Knife Making
Study the production of knives and other bladed tools. Create and forge your own designs.
Ages 10-17 Fall
Not currently available

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule of the day?
Classes begin when the student is dropped-off at 12:30 PM with pick-up at 2:15 PM.

Do any classes require prior experience?
Unless otherwise noted, all our classes function like a learning studio of lab. Teachers give individual attention, helping every student start and learn at their own level.

Is there any seasonal breaks in the schedule?
Each term has a total of 10 class days and can occur on many federal holidays. Class is not scheduled during Thanksgiving Week, Winter Break, Spring Break or Summer—there are camps available to register for separately during these times.

Contact Us to Learn More

Give us a call (503) 345-3312