Trackers Outdoor School & Field Trip Program

Give your class the adventure of Trackers Earth. Trackers Outdoor School provides day and overnight field trips with expert instructors in environmental sciences and arts. We offer three options...

Classroom Programs
We come to you, tailoring the program to your curriculum
Field Trips & Overnights
Environmental education experiences. We can even help with transport.
Adventure Expeditions
Includes kayaking, primitive camping trips and more.

Classroom Programs

We come to your classroom with program options that could include environmental sciences, archeology, outdoor skills and more. Our classroom programs are truly hands-on. We can even get your students outdoors with educational activities on the playground. Learn more about our classroom options

Educational Field Trips & Overnights

Our field trips and overnights build upon your curriculum, meeting state standards and benchmarks in environmental sciences, history, sustainability, artisan crafts, nature connection, and other studies. Trackers sites are private and set-up for all our activities. We can even help with transport. Learn more about our modules

Adventure Expeditions

Our adventure expeditions are ideal for celebratory trips and rites of passage. Your class becomes a team, a village, embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Options could include overnight kayaking, building a primitive camp, regional, national, and international adventure travel and even boat building!

Trackers Outdoor School

Program Sites

Most of our field sites are in Sandy, Oregon including our 80-acre private campground and our 90-acre wildlife park. If you have another facility, or site you prefer to utilize, your class is welcome to. We ask that you are responsible for costs, permitting, and booking of non-Trackers sites. All overnight food and camping are included in the price when using our facilities. There may be an additional fee for requested specialized diets.


We recognize that the cost of transport is one of the greatest challenges for teachers. Trackers has a range of experienced bus drivers. We can help with transport costs.

Contact Us Customized schedule; Cost is dependent on programming. See below.

We Also Come to You

We can run Outdoor School programs nearly anywhere in United States and even the world. Our team goes to where you and your students need us. Also, with expert trip leaders experienced everywhere from Africa to South America, we can even facilitate your international adventure.

If travel expenses for our entire team is cost prohibitive for your budget we may recommend a smaller and local wilderness school for you to work with. We can send a lead Trackers Coordinator, helping to train and partner with their staff to insure your students get the best programming possible. For the west coast we recommend you connect with our local offices...

Trackers Earth Portland specializes in Outdoor School Programs for Oregon and Washington
Trackers Earth Bay Area specializes in Outdoor School Programs across California

Contact Us to Learn More

Trackers Outdoor School Curriculum

These topics are an overview of what we do real well. Though our expertise is not limited to these skills. Many of our staff of well cultivated renaissance of interests. If you have a need related to natural sciences or traditional skills, there's a good chance we do it very well (if not, we'll direct you to a program that does).

Trackers Programs

Our programs are taught by expert instructors. To inquire Contact Us.

  • Animal Adaptations: Skulls & Pelts
  • Animal Tracks & Habitats
  • Fire Science: Fire by Friction, Fire Safety & Fire Ecology
  • Bone & Stone Age: Adventures in Practicing Archeology
  • Fiber Arts: Baskets, Wool & Wilders
  • Orientation of Earth: Compass, Orbit, Sun & Stars
  • Pioneer: Historical & Modern Homesteads
  • Foam Arrow Archery Range
  • Blacksmithing
  • Woodworking
  • Wildlife Tracking and Ecology

    • Trailing specific animals or species
    • Nature and ecological mapping
    • Wetland assessment
    • Core skills of tracking
    • Nature awareness tools

    Wilderness Survival and Ancient Technologies

    • Campfire and skills
    • Fire by friction (bow drill and other methods)
    • Staying found and not getting lost
    • Temporary wilderness survival shelters
    • Basic wilderness survival skills
    • Sustainable harvest
    • Care for and intensification of native plants
    • Archery form, history and safety
    • Stone, bone and wood tools (f)
    • Trackers Woodcarving Safety Certification

    Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

    • Plant taxonomy
    • Utilitarian uses of wild plants
    • Making cordage from plant fibers (f)
    • Historical and cultural uses of wild edible and medicinal plants
    • Ivy basket weaving (f)
    • Trackers Wild Plant Safety Certification

    Marine and Aquatic Ecology

    • Marine or aquatic ecology
    • Tidepooling
    • Fishing
    • Mariner folklore
    • Knot tying (f)


    • Soil conservation and restoration
    • Restoration and intensification of native habitats

    Artisan Crafts

    Please note, due to lower ratios and materials required, the following programs have a specialized cost. Contact Us to learn more.

    • Blacksmithing (f)
    • Woodworking (f)

    Theater Arts

    • Improv games for exploring collaborative social dynamics
    • Team Leadership
    • Fantastic Role-playing Games as learning
    • Intensive storytelling arts

    Adventure Programs

    Specialty programs featuring more intensive skills and are offered at varied rates. Below are few examples but they are not limited to what is listed. Contact us to discuss options.

    • Adventure travel: national and international
    • Building a log cabin or longhouse
    • Long-term primitive living shelters
    • Bow making and bowyer arts
    • Boat building: traditional skin-on-frame kayaks, canoes, or an umiak (16 person vessels used in the arctic)
    • Kayaking expeditions
    • Wilderness survival trips
    • Hiking or backpacking
    • Snowshoe expeditions

    More options...

    If you do not see a skill listed, Contact Us as we can offer nearly any facet of environmental sciences and arts.

    • Leatherwork
    • Fiber arts and loom weaving (basic)
    • Woodworking
    • Cheese making
    • Clothing making or shoemaking
    • Food preservation
    • Natural building
    • Apple pressing and fall harvest
    • Stone, bone and wood tools
    • Primitive pottery
    • Primitive fiber arts: rope making and more
    • Flintknapping and lithic tools
    • Building a Primitive Living Village
    • Hide tanning
    • Shellfish and sea vegetable harvest
    • Primitive fishing for removal of invasive species
    • Marine navigation
    • Herbal and medicinal medicine making and applications
    • Harvest for abundance and long-term wilderness living
    • Preservation and storage methods: drying, canning, fermenting and processing