Outdoor Pop-Up Camps

Currently Trackers is offering one-day Outdoor Pop Up Care camps.
They are meant to support Portland families of essential workers and those that provide core services.
As part of our service to our families and community, we are offering a healthy outdoor camp environment.

Current Status of Pop-Up Camps

With Oregon schools currently closed, we recognize specific families still need scheduled programming. For the month of March and April, our Pop-Up Camps will remain primarily outdoors, exploring open air environments. During this time, we are minimizing the vehicle transport of students. Campers will typically walk to local green spaces for adventure and exploration.

Our goal is to provide essential services in a manner that Trackers is well-suited to facilitate.
This includes mandatory hand washing and frequent surface sanitation.
These programs involve small groups in outdoor, open-air spaces.

Remember, at this time we need to reserve our Pop-Up Care Camp for children of essential workers and those that provide core services who are required to report to work and do not have access to any other care. This service exists to assist our community during a crisis and is a temporary and limited function. Please reserve registration for these individuals.


What are Trackers Pop-Up Camps? Rather than focusing on one theme, these programs adventure outdoors in green spaces we can walk to. They are predominantly outdoors, maximizing fresh air and movement. Teachers and campers explore our neighborhood green spaces—tracking wildlife, finding birds, practicing hand-washing and natural (social) distancing, playing navigation and naturalist games and learning other awesome wilderness skills.

Who teaches Trackers Pop-Up Camps? The Trackers Educator leading each group can be one of our highly experienced Program Coordinators or Lead Educators.

What are the times for Trackers Pop-Up Camps? Can I get After Camp? Drop-off is at 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM. Pick-up is from 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM. After Camp is not available for Trackers Pop-Up Camps.

What are the expectations for families? Dress in warm and in rainproof gear as we are primarily exploring the outdoors for most of the day. Campers need to bring a shelf-stable sack lunch. Preemptively communicate with your child to reinforce our message about thoroughly washing hands and limiting physical contact with peers. If your child, you or anyone in your family is ill please remain home. The safety of our campers, staff, and extended Trackers community is—and will remain—our top priority. 

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