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Rovers Forest School

PreK & K students ages 4-5

Join our Rovers Forest School Program!
Trackers Earth's nature immersion program for Ages 4-5.

A school-year program that teaches real outdoor skills 1 day a week.

This is our weekday program for ages 4-5.
We also offer Weekend, After School and a full-time Kindergarten.

Ages 4-5 Rovers Forest Adventures

Guided by our best Early Childhood Educators, children find new friends while exploring nature. They share in fun outdoor adventures. We call them Rovers because they learn skills from all Four Guilds of Trackers:

Rangers Guild Follow the trails of local forest animals. Develop skills of outdoor living and safety through fantastic games. Learn to explore the forest and read maps.

Wilders Guild Help care for animals of the ranch. Learn about wild plants and trees. Tend to the gardens that feed the Trackers Village.

Mariners Guild Play and forage by the water, finding crawdads and fish. Tie knots, make tiny boats, and navigate the lore of the ancient mariner.

Artisans Guild Get hands-on experience with woodworking and other handcraft skills. Share in awesome fun of the forest and learn to create our own.

Our Forest School Teachers are experienced Early Childhood Educators teaching authentic skills. They are facilitators of thoughtful growth through the power of nature and community.

How It Works

Mentoring Days 1 day-a-week, Fall to Spring
At our Weekly Mentoring Days, Rovers Forest School students join a team of friends learning in nature with our Teachers.  For flexibility, we offer many schedule options-see below for dates.

This program averages 1 weekday-per-week:
For 1 weekend-a-month program check-out Rovers Apprenticeship.
For 5 day-a-week, full-time school check-out Forest Kindergarten (Grade K only).

Optional Community & Family Programs Dates Vary
Rovers Apprentices and immediate family can join us for fun Community Events.