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Rovers Forest School

Preschool & Kindergarten Age

Give your child the foundations for a life-long appreciation of nature and folk crafts in our forest preschool day camp programs. Rovers Forest Days teaches valuable life skills through community learning and hands-on outdoor skills.

This outdoor school program is 1 to 3 days a week:
For 1-weekend a month program check-out Rovers Apprenticeship.
For 5-day a week, full-time forest school check-out Forest Kindergarten.

The Rovers

The Rovers of Trackers are legend to be the most wise in the ways of the forest. They know the signs of the animals, voices of the birds, tales of the trees, and stories of the stars. We believe kids are far more capable than our modern world allows them to be. Our instructors are experts in childhood learning and nature education ready and inspired to help young kids (preschool age) develop confidence and competency with the outdoors.

Follow the Seasons

The Rovers Forest School features 3 seasonal terms taught by educators in the top of their field. You can register by the term or all year.
Forest Living & Crafts We focus on the skills of forest living. Under the thoughtful guidance of our expert educators, students develop the foundations of nature awareness and forest craft.
During the Winter we still get time outside and also focus on fun and safe archery activities utilizing Trackers’s indoor archery range in SE Portland.